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Get your legal questions answered in person with Donna Kakonge, LLB.

Worldwide Legal Answers

This class provides the participants with the opportunity to ask legal questions and to receive legal answers based on the laws, rules, and regulations that pertain to the City of Toronto, Province of Ontario, as well as the country of Canada, and the world. This class is open to people from all over the world, with the instructor having knowledge of international laws, as well. For the price of the course, five questions or more will be answered pertaining to the legal situations you would like assistance with. This legal answering class is not meant to substitute advice from a lawyer, rather help you to make a more affordable choice in case you would need to seek the advice of a licensed lawyer in your area. The class also offers the opportunity for those people who are interested in entering the field of law or the legal field to network. Here are some examples of questions you may have that I can help you with to reduce legal fees: 1. Can I file chapter 13 bankruptcy again if I filed in 2013? Live in Washington state. Bankruptcy was discharged? 2. I am in removal. Can I get emergency travel parole? 3. While playing golf hit another golfer accidentally in the back of the head with a golf ball on my drive. He has forwarded over $2,000 in medical bills to me. What is my legal obligation regarding this? You may have many more questions such as this that I can help you with.


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