Worldwide Image and Health Consultations Hosted by Donna Kakonge with Donna Magazine Online and In-Person and Airbnb Experiences with Free Drinks and Dessert or Snack


Consultations on health and beauty at a local café.

Worldwide Image and Health Consultations

As workshop leader who will discuss potential image and beauty directions that each participant could take in terms of improving their overall appearance, that could even help to lift a depressed mood and/or state of mind. This workshop is also for both men and women, and those people who do not identify as either. With the workshop leader's knowledge of the Canadian fashion industry, particularly in Toronto, suggestions will be made to Canadian-owned places that will help to improve them from head to toe. This will include suggestions based on natural and other creative methods to improve their hair, their skin, their nails, their clothing, and their footwear, and even overall relaxed state of mind with suggestions of registered massage therapists and even having fun with false eyelashes. This video summarizes my overall philosophy remixed by Sybil called "Don't Make Me Over" originally done by Dionne Warwick: The aim of the workshop is to focus on the ambitions of people like Tina Turner in the "Simply the Best" song to sing to yourself each and every day: The workshop is also open to those people who are interested in entering the fields of beauty, modelling, and/or acting, with the potential for networking opportunities to abound. I look forward to seeing you soon!


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