What is the Business Case for Indigenous consultation?

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What is the Business Case for Indigenous consultation?

Through consultation, every organization can benefit in developing pro-active partnerships between community, industry, and government.

There is a tremendous need to engage an opportunity to collaborate.

Consider the following facts:

  • There are over 1.5 million Indigenous Peoples in Canada (roughly 4.5% of the Canadian population)
  • There are over 45,000 Indigenous owned businesses
  • Indigenous communities are the fastest growing in Canada
  • Indigenous Peoples have a significant influence and impact on how business is conducted in Canada.
  • Over $10 Billion will transfer to Indigenous Peoples, attributed mainly to treaty obligations that were never met, self-government initiatives, outstanding land claims, Residential School settlements, housing, education, water quality, and health obligations.

The factors at play in any relationship with Indigenous communities are complex and challenging. Working effectively with Indigenous people and their communities have become a critical component of corporate operational planning for any company working on the land or under it.

Learning how to be good neighbours and business partners with Indigenous peoples is essential if we wish to operate effectively and efficiently in a constantly changing regulatory environment.

Send us an email to request our Indigenous Business Case document.

Indigenous Awareness Training is the first step.

Effective training will help you identify the business case and develop Indigenous relations programs to ensure certainty, consent, Indigenous participation, and access to land and resources.

Our mission is to assist you, and all Canadians, to learn about Canada’s Indigenous Peoples and to help non-indigenous Canadians and Indigenous peoples move toward reconciliation.

Indigenous Awareness Canada offers high-quality online Indigenous Awareness Training and we facilitate in-person workshops.Get it now.

What about Outreach, Recruitment, and Retention?

Beyond Indigenous awareness training, our training can help you succeed with your organization’s needs for meaningful Indigenous Consultation and successful Outreaching, Recruitment, and Retention of Indigenous employees.

A solid business case for working with the Indigenous community will provide the underpinning for the outreach, recruitment, and retention of Indigenous employees.

To sustain a competitive advantage your company recognizes the need to take an active role in preparing for its future workforce needs. By preparing your workplace for the arrival of qualified Indigenous employees you will have a higher advantage at retaining them.

321 – Outreach, Recruit, Retain Indigenous Employment

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–    311 Indigenous Communication and Consultation
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We’re better together!

Keep learning, keep loving, and keep making the world a better place!

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