What Does the Word Kakonge Mean?

OK! I can see from my search engine on my magazine that someone asked this question and it is a very good one.

First things first…Kakonge, my last name, my maiden name, is pronounced = “Kah-KONG-gay.”

The word means “tree stump” in a Ugandan language.

OK, so I’m a writer/editor first and foremost that understands the average writer/editor does not make a tremendous amount of money, so I went to school, got experience as an online lawyer as well, in order to increase my finances. Actually would have started writing creatively right out of high school if I was not so highly aware of how underpaid most writers/editors are, so I did journalism school as my first undergraduate degree. I know, many of these journalists are my friends. I know they also had the same motivations for why they chose journalism school. This is why so many people with journalism training also tend to win writing awards. We learn about stories, plus, we learn to be fast.

When I worked for the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General as a court reporter where you are writing down the words of the court proceedings “As Fast As Words Can Fly,” [A superb book by the way that is American, please do look it up, it’s a children’s book], anyone would then increase their typing speed on a computer. I can type as fast as 100 words per minute which one of my former students at Centennial College could do at a young age (her name is Jackie), and I was so highly impressed, however, did not ever think at the time I would be in any situation to get to her typing speed at that time. I would not be surprised if this former student Jackie I mentioned types now even faster!

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Happy New Year! It’s an excellent question! Not enough people ask it! They assume.

You know what, it’s right after the holidays. You can purchase an ebook as well. Let’s save the trees! Tree clearing should really be done in moderation, just as with anything.