Want to Start an Online Business? Let me be your consultant

From Donna Kakonge who has been developing websites since 1998.

Donna Kakonge Business Curriculum Vitae

Donna Magazine has a viewership of 205,000,000 people per year around the world. Most of the people come from Canada and the United States. With a keen business sense embedded in my inner core, I can help you to start an online business or help you with your brick and mortar business, or a purely digital source for your business whether it be an app, a website, or a video game with augmented reality. Please pay upfront (I only accept upfront payments) below for an initial phone consultation via Skype and then pay an added fee for the work involved. I have a clearance with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that will last until 2024, and I will renew it. I look forward to hearing from you soon. You receive a tax receipt through PayPal when you pay. If you have general questions, you can contact me here:


Consultation for Online Business

Let me help you make money from the comfort of your home with a minimum investment price. I can also help you with brick and mortar businesses as well. Your payment also includes unlimited pre-arranged Skype calls and email responses. Please pay upfront before any work will be done.


You can email me at dkakonge@gmail.com with any questions.