Volunteers Honoured with June Callwood Awards

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Volunteers Honoured with June Callwood Awards

April 26, 2013

Ontario Government Recognizes Outstanding Volunteers

Ontario is honouring twelve people and seven organizations with a June Callwood Outstanding Achievement Award, for their commitment to volunteerism and longstanding service to their local communities.

The award recognizes dedicated individuals who, like the late June Callwood, demonstrate exceptional leadership, creativity and innovation in their service to their communities and others. This year’s recipients include:

  • A volunteer whose vision for a residential hospice has improved end-of-life care for patients.
  • An organization that helps to expand opportunities for adults by improving their literacy and numeracy skills.
  • A champion for children with mental illness and co-creator of an adaptive cooking class for persons with disabilities.
  • A neighbour-to-neighbour initiative that works to improve urban forests by replacing dying mature trees.
  • A volunteer who has taught several generations of children how to swim.

Supporting the not-for-profit sector and promoting Ontario’s tradition of volunteering is part of the new Ontario government’s efforts to build strong communities and a fair society for all.




“This award recognizes the exceptional acts of kindness that the people of Ontario perform every day for their neighbours and communities. By caring for each other, the award recipients are improving the lives of all Ontarians.”
— Michael Coteau, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration


Indira Naidoo-Harris
Minister’s Office

Elizabeth Meneses Del Castillo
Communications Branch

Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration



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