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In Uganda, people like Uncle Eddie, who teaches chemistry at Makerere, live for CNN. I don’t ever get to watch Oprah. I’m stuck watching the news all of the time. The benefit is that at least I know what’s happening in the world; however, I see only glimpses of what’s going on inside Uganda.

There is corruption. I know that. I saw something on TV while Uncle Eddie was at work. Some middle-school children in uniform were singing a protest song about corruption and the Ugandan army.

The army is a vital part of Uganda’s infrastructure. Those who serve in the army are considered more important than the doctors who save lives. My cousin Justine’s husband is the head of the army in Uganda. Justine claims he is President   Yoweri Museveni’s, right-hand man.

I don’t get to see my programs at night when I should. I don’t get to see Oprah. Uncle Eddie doesn’t even watch the BBC like my dad does. He dominates the TV with CNN International. But, I must say, I am completely smitten with the new laptop-desk look that CNN has. It’s pretty cool.

I want to be an assistant producer at the Zoom Club, a TV station in South Africa. I am not a hard news person, but perhaps there is something I can do. I would like to do continuity on a film and help out with advertising. I think that would work really well.

I miss watching Oprah.


Author: kakonged

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