To Sin for a Job

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By Chris Temelkos

With the growing population of unemployed teachers, desperate times call for desperate measures even if it means committing a sin, such as lying to a priest to get a job with the Toronto Catholic District School Board.

According to the Ontario College of Teachers, there were 12,200 new teachers in the province, but only 5,000 positions, meaning educators were looking for jobs anywhere they could get them, including the Toronto Catholic District School Board which has a strict stipulation that states all teaching personnel and others who work directly with the children must be Catholic.

The strict rule is not stopping the non-religious or non-Catholics from applying for teaching positions, in fact, many are lying in confession and putting on a facade to obtain the pastoral letter needed to teach with the school board, which questions the morality of these people.

The ‘only Catholic’ rule has been challenged before but to no avail. It is protected under the Ontario Human Rights Code which states the act doesn’t affect the rights and privileges of separate school boards under the Constitution Act of 1867. Regardless of whether you agree with the rules or not. We should be asking ourselves, whether abandoning our moral values is worth a job.


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