Taking Action Against Invasive Species

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Taking Action Against Invasive Species

July 10, 2013

Ontario Government Supports Innovative Research to Protect Environment, Economy


Ontario is supporting research projects, educational programs and on-the-ground work that will help combat invasive species in order to protect the province’s environment and its economy.

The Invasive Species Centre (ISC) in Sault Ste. Marie is developing strategies that outline approaches for the prevention, early detection and rapid response to threats from invasive forest, plant and aquatic species.

This year, the ISC is supporting 24 projects, including:

  • the development of a mobile application to help identify and track invasive species
  • strategies to help protect Ontario’s ash trees from the emerald ash borer.

Protecting Ontario’s biodiversity is part of the Ontario government’s plan to ensure a healthy environment for future generations.


  • In 2013-14, Ontario will provide $1.16 million to support the ISC and combat invasive species.
  • Invasive species out-compete native species for food and take over their habitats.
  • Since 2011, the ISC has supported 131 projects to battle invasive species and safeguard our natural resources and economy.
  • Globally, invasive species costs are estimated to be $1.4 trillion (the equivalent of five per cent of the global economy and seven times the cost of natural disasters).
  • In Ontario, the negative impact of invasive zebra mussels on the environment is estimated at $75 to $91 million per year.



“Our government is committed to protecting Ontario’s rich biodiversity from the destructive impact of invasive species. A healthy environment is good for recreation and tourism, good for natural resource development, good for the economy and good for the people of Ontario.”
— David Orazietti, Minister of Natural Resources
“The Invasive Species Centre is dedicated to coordinating evidence-based prevention, detection and response activities and facilitating collaboration among a wide range of stakeholder groups to help Ontario and Canada respond to the environmental and economic threat posed by invasive species.”
— Dr. Tat Smith, Chair, Board of Directors, Invasive Species Centre


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