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World Beauty in Toronto Hosted by Donna Kakonge with Airbnb Experiences and Donna Magazine – Online and In-Person


In a fun and light-hearted conversation focusing on the best elements of natural beauty, this one-hour workshop will educate you on all of the natural methods to obtain your best self, as well as great Toronto retailers who can help you to achieve the beauty standards the higher levels of beauty standards that you desire. With a mix of natural ways to reduce the grey in your hair, plus great ways that are inexpensive to reduce your visits to the dentist, maximizing the growth cycles of your hair and/or suggestions of fantastic hairstylists, barbers, and hairdressers in Toronto, plus some of the best ways to either save money on clothing and/or buy from some of the most fabulous Canadian designers you will ever discover – this workshop is fun! From natural makeup tips to comfortable shoes that still look good, to natural ways of colouring your hair that will not damage it, to some of the best weave masters if this is your choice, and people who can braid your hair with or without extensions to coif your crown perfectly, you will have fun dressing yourself in your own self-love with the instructor’s helpful advice.

Worldwide Image and Health Consultations with Airbnb Experiences.
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Worldwide Image and Health Consultations Hosted by Donna Kakonge with Airbnb Experiences and Donna Magazine Online and In-Person

Enjoy discussing your overall image and health at a local café. Consultation offered in English and French.

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Available To Do Mental Health Awareness Workshops

Focusing on my latest book How To Talk To Crazy People, I am available for mental health workshops so I can also promote the book to social workers, healthcare professionals, educators and media professionals.

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