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United States and South Korea Join Forces

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In order to fight the bomb attacks by Northern Korea.


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By Kathy Tapley-Milton

A Gingko tree in Morgantown, U.S.A was planted by Rueben C. Griffitt who was a Union soldier in the Civil War. The tree commemorates the 630 soldiers who died in the notorious Andersonville Prison.

Gingko, a long living memorial, can be planted in most of continental United States, in zones 2 to 9, and some companies sell kits containing everything needed to plant a memorial tree.

Kits can be obtained at:

Watch President Barack Obama’s Last State of the Union Address January 12, 2016

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Ontario Appoints New Representative in Washington

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Ontario Newsroom Ontario Newsroom
News Release

Ontario Appoints New Representative in Washington

August 15, 2013

Monique Smith will promote Ontario’s interests in the United States

Premier Kathleen Wynne announced today that Ontario has appointed Monique Smith to represent the province at its office at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Smith will advise the Premier on U.S. matters of interest to Ontario. She will work to strengthen the province’s relationship with the United States, its most important trading partner, and enhance Ontario’s profile with senior government decision-makers and influential business leaders.

Businesses and workers in Ontario depend on free-flowing trade with the United States, and decisions made there on other issues such as air and water quality, climate change and border security affect the quality of life of all the people of this province.

Created in 2010, Ontario’s office in Washington is part of the Ontario government’s plan to make the province more competitive globally, help grow the economy and create more jobs.


  • Monique Smith has served as Ontario’s Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Minister of Tourism and Minister of Revenue.
  • Ontario is catching up to some of its provincial counterparts – Alberta has had an office at the Canadian Embassy in Washington since 2004.
  • Other provinces, including Québec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan also have officials in Washington.
  • Ontario already has 10 marketing centres around the world, including three in the Canadian embassies in Paris, Mexico City and Beijing and standalone offices in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai, New Delhi, Munich and London. A new centre will open in São Paulo in September.
  • Canada and the U.S. share the largest bilateral trading relationship in the world.
  • In 2012, Ontario exports to the U.S. were valued at $126.9 billion; imports from the U.S. were valued at $147.6 billion.



“A strong voice in Washington is key to Ontario’s future growth and I am thrilled that Monique has accepted this position. Her diverse experience serving the people of this province has equipped her with a unique understanding of what Ontario needs to prosper for generations to come. I am confident that her efforts in Washington will strengthen our relationship with our American partners to help us grow the economy and create more jobs here in Ontario.”
— Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario and Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs



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Happy Holidays From Sister Mentors!

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Money Matters

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Image result for James Goi Jr.

James Goi Jr. is an author, speaker, and coach living in San Diego, California (U.S.). He has not had to work a job in years:

“I don’t know what you consider rich, as it’s a relative term, but I have not had to work a job in years, so, to me, I’m rich,” writes Goi Jr. in an email. “I am the author of How to Attract Money Using Mind Power. My book is a serious work on the subject in which I quote 160 other books. The book will soon be translated into the Hindi language and will be available on the Indian Subcontinent. Since 1978, I’ve read hundreds of books in an effort to understand the laws of life. I’ve lectured on metaphysics and spirituality, always with an emphasis on the money/prosperity angle. I also publish the free monthly “Mind Power & Money Ezine.”

“I wake up about 4:30 a.m. nearly every day. I start out in bed with visualization, affirmation, gratitude, and prayer. Then I sit up on the edge of my bed and study/breath in my vision board for a few minutes. I get up, do some exercises. Sit down, meditate for a few minutes. Then I get on the Internet and check emails and work my various social-network sites such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter, and I do other book-promoting-type tasks…

“I live in San Diego, so I keep a tan year round and layout in the yard for an hour any day the sun is out, which is most days regardless of the time of year. I’m on and off of the computer for the rest of the day. Exercise a few minutes every hour. Take a walk in the afternoon (mornings when it’s not so cold in the morning like it is this time of year). Read in the evening. A little T.V. sometimes. That’s a basic idea. I totally make my own schedule and only do what I want to do when I want to do it. I’m totally free in that all of my time is mine. And I can buy what I need and want when I need and want it. What can I say? Life is good. I owe it all to metaphysical laws and to an inherently friendly universe. Oh, yeah, I eat on and off during the day (unless I’m fasting). No set eating schedule. Mostly whole foods from nature; mostly raw/live fruits and vegetables. Oh #2: I go to bed about 8:30 p.m. And, of course, I do some mental work in bed.

“I have listed my website ( below. The
best way to get a quick idea of what I’m about, though, would be to go to my

page: In the right-hand column of the page is a list of links to various other websites I’m on. Speaking of which, I’m on Youtube: I’ve got 33 videos uploaded and from them you can get a good idea of what I teach–especially helpful might be my 20-part “How to Attract Money Using Mind Power” series in which I discuss
the 20 chapters of my book.”

Jeff Gitterman’s Success Story – The Four Pillars of Success

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Image result for Jeffrey Gitterman - Beyond Success

Jeffrey Gitterman is an award-winning financial advisor and the founder and CEO of Gitterman & Associates, LLC In these challenging economic times, Jeff recently started Beyond Success, a consulting firm, coaching and seminar training company that brings more contemporary spiritual, holistic and ethical values to the business world.

He has been a top requested and keynote speaker at numerous national conferences for the financial, insurance and spiritual capitalism markets, directly engaging with 10 to 15,000 business professionals annually. His first book, Beyond Success: Redefining the Meaning of Prosperity, was published in May by AMACOM, the publishing house of the American Management Association.

Over the past several years, Jeff has been featured and interviewed on several national and local print, TV, and radio programs, including Money, CNN, Fortune Small Business, New Jersey Business Journal, Financial Advisor, News 12 New Jersey, and The Dr. Pat Show. He also serves as chairman of the advisory board of the Autism Center of New Jersey Medical School, an organization that raises significant monies each year for autism research and support services.

Gitterman recently read an article about Max Planck, who won a Nobel Prize for his work with atoms. After years of study and research, Planck eventually said that he could only know one thing–that some invisible force holds together the energy to create this minute solar system, and he must assume, based on his research, that some higher intelligence is behind this force.

Gitterman was born with some understanding that the world was made of energy. He didn’t buy the story that kept showing up in front of him, whether it was his parent’s story, his schoolteacher’s stories, or the stories in the news. He just didn’t buy it. He saw the world as energy. And Gitterman actually saw that the only thing that was really important was the joint flow between human beings and how that energy was working and processing.

And what he saw in the eyes of everybody he looked at as a kid, until he got older and met some people with wisdom, were people who were looking to take energy from others. The reason for that, he thought, was that most people felt a big void within themselves. Gitterman loves the fact that the word “a-void” means to turn away from something. We all spend our lives avoiding the void. And in truth, the void is us. It’s us at our purest essence. It’s us in the silence; it’s us in the quiet. That was something he kind of lived in; he lived in the void. But then he would come out and see these people who were miserable, wanting and lacking. They weren’t producing anything in their lives; they couldn’t get enough money, they couldn’t get enough of anything no matter how much they stole, borrowed or tried. They couldn’t get enough into their lives.

He also recently learned that the root word for money in the Hebrew language is flow. That really blew him away, because it was something that he had thought about for much of his life.

“There is nothing you can do to create money because money is just a flow, and it’s the flow of energy that is the root of capitalism. Capitalism and money in and of themselves are just neutral. There is no inherent action to either of them.

There is nothing we can do to create energy either, as the only thing we can really do with the flow of energy is allowed or block it from coming into our lives. When I talk about energy, I often use the metaphor of a laser. While sunlight in its natural form is a source of warmth, it doesn’t have much power because it’s spread out in so many directions. But when it’s focused and concentrated through a magnifying glass, it suddenly becomes far more powerful. And when the power of light is condensed to a much greater degree, it becomes a laser that can cut through steel.”

So if everything is ultimately made of energy and this energy is just kind of flittering around, what focuses that energy? Attention focuses energy. But most of us don’t have control of our attention. Most of us know what we want, but few of us know what we want to give. And our attention has to be grounded in serving based on our unique creative expression in order for it to have power. That doesn’t mean you can’t have money, but Gitterman can show you plenty of people that are miserable and have more money than they know what to do with. So for us as a society, the measure of money as success is really our own fault.

“I’m going to bring this back,” Gitterman writes. “Some people have intentions that serve the world, and others don’t. Then there is everyone else. And what happens to our energy if we have no vision for ourselves? We get swallowed up by people around us whose intention is stronger than ours.

Marianne Williamson, although it is often credited to Nelson Mandela, has a quote in her book, A Return to Love, that talks about the fact that we all play too small. On an energetic level, when we play too small, we give our energy to others around us who want it. And believe me, people want it because they’re trying to accomplish things. It’s just happening at an energetic level where we’re not seeing it. So we follow along while someone else has a vision of the world that doesn’t suit ours, whether it’s people on Wall Street, in the government, or whatever. And if we’re just witnesses, we fall in blindly and give up our intention to the people that have a vision for the future that they want.”

Gitterman continues; at the surface level, we can’t see this going on, but on an energetic level it’s happening. And that’s why so many of us feel drained and filled with void. Because we literally have had the energy sucked away from us so someone else can realize their vision and goal.

“My financial services company is based around a model I’ve been teaching for several years called the Four Pillars of Success. These pillars are relatively simple, but if practiced with sincerity can have dramatic results:

“PILLAR ONE is that we have to have some practice rooted in silence. I don’t care what it is. I stand for all religions and spiritual practices: whatever it is that allows you to get in touch with your Source. Because in my mind and on an energetic level, it’s almost like we’re an electrical appliance, or a hybrid car; one of the old ones that you had to plug in. At some point in the day, we’ve got to plug in. I recommend at least 5 to 15 minutes every day. I don’t care if it’s sitting in the shower if that’s the only place you can find any quiet because that’s actually where I get mine. Fifteen minutes every morning in the shower with the water running, in the quiet, because I have an autistic child that starts talking at 6 a.m. when he wakes up and doesn’t stop until 10 p.m. when he goes to sleep, and that’s about the only 15 minutes of silence I can find. So we have to have a practice rooted in silence, and from a scientific measure, we’re just recharging our energy. Otherwise, we go out in the world and have nothing to share.

“PILLAR TWO is that we have to have an idea of what our unique creative expression is in the world: i.e. what each of us feels we have been placed on this earth to do. And it doesn’t have to be right. Because as Norman Schwarzkopf once said in a seminar I saw him give, was that the worst thing he saw in the army was that no one was making any decisions. The only way to know that anything is right is to make a decision, and if it’s wrong, correct it. I would say the same thing for individuals because most of us spend our entire life waiting for someone to tell us what our unique expression is, or kind of knowing what it is but waiting for someone to come and reinforce it. So pick something, literally, that you sense is your unique expression, and seek to build a life around it that offers something to the world.

“PILLAR THREE is that you have to have a forward vision, three to five years out, of what your unique creative expression looks like in the world. The way I teach people to do this is to have a two to a three-minute movie that you can play in your head all day long, especially as you go to bed at night. A two-minute movie of you and what a day in the life of you looks like: the house you live in, the car you drive, where and what you do at work. Are you singing to an audience? Are you the best plumber in the world? Are you the best insurance salesman, doctor, accountant or basketball player? What does that vision look like three to five years out in a perfect day in the life of you? And then give it up to the universe because in all likelihood that vision, while it may come true, will find reasons to change and grow as you make it bigger and better. We need to give our energy a direction to move in. It’s critical that we do that. Otherwise, we flounder. It’s like getting in our car without a navigation system and driving around with no idea where we’re going.

“PILLAR FOUR is that what we do has to be grounded in service. There is nothing to get. If I can leave you with any message, it’s that. There is nothing to get. There’s no money to get; no love to get; no sex to get; no happiness to get. There’s nothing to get that isn’t already in us. The world shows up and reflects what we are. If we have lacked in our life, it’s because we’re holding on to lack within ourselves. If we’re seeing things we don’t like, it’s because we’re seeing things within ourselves that we don’t like. There is nothing outside in the world that we could possibly get that could fulfill us except to fulfill our own dreams of who we are.

So what is a success?

“If I had to give a definition, I would say success is to be aligned with our unique creative expression in service to the world as much as possible. I’m going to say that one more time. To be successful is to be aligned with our unique creative expression as much as possible in service to the world.

“I used to have a radio show called Beyond Success: Redefining the Meaning of Prosperity, where I talked to many people who in my mind were successful, and those were mostly people who got to do what they loved to do all the time. That could be a ski bum who skis 300 days a year and manages to do that on a $20,000 a year job in a ski shop in the offseason. Or it could be someone like William McDonough and Michael Braungart, who wrote Cradle to Cradle, a phenomenal book about how to create products that have no waste. In the book, they talk about a guy who created a wrapper that disintegrates and leaves plant seeds in the soil when you throw it on the ground. It’s being marketed in India right now. They also talk about another guy who created the seats in the new double-decker Airbus airplane that are 100 percent edible. There’s no carcinogenic runoff at all and they could literally be digested without doing any harm. Not that you would want to eat the seats, but they were created because of the runoff that is currently in most of the plastics in cars and airplanes.

“There are two other things that I really like to think about. One is the computer and the other is the Internet. I have no real knowledge of how either of these work, but I think everything that’s showing up is a forerunner for what’s going to happen to human consciousness in the future.”

There is a book out at the moment called Consciousness by mathematician Norbert Wiener that talks about this very phenomenon. At one point you had a hard drive sitting on your desk and that was it. There was no communication with the outside world. That’s how individuals mostly still operate today, ego-based minds where at some level, there might be a universe out there that we’re all connected to, but there’s no real communication between individuals and that universe. Wiener goes on to say that the Internet is a forerunner for what consciousness is going to look like some time in the future, where we will all literally be connected through a neuro-net, and the Internet is showing us the way for how that is going to happen.

We’re obviously not there yet and I’m not saying we shouldn’t get out there and vote, or speak out against things that aren’t appropriate, but if we’re not aligned with our unique creative expression and bringing that to the world in service, then we’re not transforming the world. The world again is literally a reflection of us, and if we don’t know what we’re doing, and feel filled with void and lack, is it any wonder that the world shows up like that as a reflection?

“It is my hope that these ideas will leave you thinking about you, what you’re doing here and how you’re aligned with your energy. It’s my sincere belief that this is what will truly change the world.”

For quite a long time, Gitterman was very unsuccessful – he had debt, depression – the whole nine yards. But then one day, he came to the realization that he needed to change his attitude from “what can I get from others” to “what can I give to others” in every personal and business interaction he had. Very soon after he did this, he became very successful in a relatively short period of time.

Around the same time that he had the above realization, he also realized that money and wealth cannot remain static – and by this I mean it cannot be hoarded and kept for oneself – but instead, needs to be shared with others in a constant state of flow. In turn, the more he was able to help others acquire wealth without being concerned with what was in it for him, the wealthier he became.

Jeff’s book, Beyond Success; Redefining the Meaning of Prosperity, promotes four central or CORE concepts:

Connecting to Source

Everything in this world is a movement of energy. The more aligned we are with what we call the Source energy of the universe (others might call it God, Higher Intelligence, etc. , the more we can accomplish. In order to do this, we need to have some daily practice of silence/meditation. It doesn’t matter what technique you use – but take some time each day to quiet your mind and senses so that you can develop more control over your thoughts and interactions throughout the day. You will be able to think more clearly and function more effectively.

Owning your Unique Expression

There is something specific that each of us is here to do. Enacting our unique purpose in the world is a greater source of fulfillment than the possession of an object. Are you working in a job/industry that truly represents what you feel you are here to do in this world? If not, perhaps its time to start thinking about how you could move towards combining your true passions in life with your career.

Redirecting your Attention

Investing our attention towards the future gives us the energy to become who we hope to be. Have a clear sense of vision as to where you want to be in 3-5 years. Create a 2-3 minute “movie” in your head as to where you would like your life and your career to go. Much of the book is based on the idea that our thoughts are the foundation for the results in our lives, therefore we must learn to focus our thoughts in the direction we would like to see our lives and careers go. The only way to see if this is really true is to put it into practice with sincerity and for an extended period of time and see if it is actually so.

Expanding your Awareness

The key to true success is to find a way to give. Giving is not an afterthought to success but rather the foundation. Find a way to give to others rather than look for what you can get in all of your dealings and interactions. It may seem like a cliche and somewhat of a paradox, but it does seem to be true that the more you give the more you will receive. Again, the only way to see if this is really true for yourself is to put it into practice and see if it is actually so. Our sense is that you will be amazed as to how your life will change and your career will grow if you do.

Since success often comes with a great deal of responsibility, Gitterman leads a very full and busy life. In addition to being the founder and CEO of Gitterman & Associates and Beyond Success Consulting, Gitterman is married to his lovely wife Leslie and has four children: Justin, Joelle, Jake, and Gianna. On a day-to-day basis, he is running both companies and enjoying life with his family. Jeff’s son Jake is autistic, and he also serves as the chairman of the advisory board of the Autism Center of New Jersey Medical School, an organization that raises significant monies each year for autism and research support services.

The back of our business cards read, ” To be successful is to be aligned with our unique creative expression in service to the world.” To this Gitterman would add that silence and stillness are far too underrated in our society. Take some time every day to be silent and still in whatever way works for you. Identify what you believe your purpose in this world is, and find a way to offer that purpose to others in service. In turn, you will be so busy doing what you feel you are meant to do, that happiness and abundance will find their way to you on their own.

Evan Money – His Real Name

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Image result for Evan Money

Evan Money is the self-titled #1 online life coach, global entrepreneur, and author. He lives around the corner from the new Trump Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verdes in Southern California. He looks out from his gazebo and sees the whales migrating. His bride of 13 years is a full-time Mom with a full-time nanny/chef at her disposal. He does not own an alarm clock, rather he wakes up when he is done sleeping, plays with his kids and then goes into his home office and creates wealth, writes books or just thinks. Life is tremendous!

“First off my real last name is Money and in my case, my bride literally married money,” he writes. “However when we were first married I didn’t have any LOL! Many a time we were the ones putting groceries back at the supermarket because we simply didn’t have enough money. So how did we go from that to being able to spoil my bride with a private chef/nanny and allow her to be a stay-home Mom? How did we go from a one-bedroom rental house to overlooking the water around the corner from Trump National Golf Course? How did I grow my business from nothing to a multimillion-dollar extreme sports empire?

“The funny thing is the five simple steps I took are very simple and easy. The only challenge is these steps are easy not to do as well. The first thing I did was forgive my Dad. I decided to stop blaming him and I took responsibility for my life. In fact the year I forgave my Dad I tripled my income. That is the power of forgiveness. Weak people can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.

“The second step I used was the power of the spoken word. You get what you say. I hear people all the time say, “I feel so tired” or “ I never get the good breaks” and guess what, that’s exactly what they get. I started speaking what I wanted. I have never taken a day off work because of sickness in almost 20 years and I get all kinds of good breaks because that’s what I speak.

“The third step I used was the power of visualization which is also known as the law of attraction. This law was used by Jacob in the Old Testament days so there is nothing “New Age” or mystical about it. Jacob had a deal that he could keep any streaked or spotted offspring from the solid coloured cows he had. So he put striped pieces of wood in front of his cattle’s water and feeding troughs so they would visualize stripes whenever they are or drank. Guess what? The cattle’s off-spring where striped! If this law even works for cattle why aren’t you using it?

“Every picture my wife and I have put on our refrigerator has come to pass. From private jet travel to massages on the beach in Hawaii to a new dream home we have an offer on that will be accepted this week.

“The fourth step is we believed. This means different things to different people with a relationship to their religion or non-religion. Jesus summed it up the best when he said: “ Become what you believe.” For those that have no time or desire for religion then you must start by simply believing in yourself. Do you think Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Michael Dell and other billionaires do not believe in themselves?

“The fifth and final step is where most people drop the ball. You have to TAKE ACTION. Take Action and the world is yours! Jack Canfield was asked about the Law of Attraction after The Secret became such a hit movie. He laughed and told about people saying they have watched the movie 50 times and they visualize things every day. Jack recommended those people get off the couch and go outside and get to work on their dreams. I’m so passionate about taking action I wrote a hit book about it titled: Take Action Now; How to Live Your Dreams in Less Than 3 Weeks available on Amazon and Kindle. The only thing that is keeping you from your dreams is taking action!

Evan Money, the #1 online life coach can be contacted at 1-877-WOW-EVAN. His website is

Take ACTION and the world is yours!


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G. J. McRae Writes about Football – Photo Courtesy of

G. J. McRae - March 11, 2010

By GJ McRae

As the football season came to a close with the and glamour of a Broadway production showcasing the NFL’s best, the Big Easy is known for its party atmosphere and Texas Hold’em coaching styles led a team back by promising and rebuilding the confidence and strength in New Orleans. Standing tall and proud, the confident calculated coach and the strong arm Ph.D. quarterback led a team that was poised to take it all with a mental breakdown of xs and os.

The Saints are known as the gamblers, taking a chance when given. Why not lay it all on the line for the big return with a onside kick with cornerback T. Porter cutting off a pass route for a interception that led to a 74 yard score as well as the lead, or wide receiver L. Moore and the coaches risking a two-point conversion to go up by seven playing for a tie if the Colts scored? Front office moves took a quarterback with a shoulder injury that some thought he would never come back from or a coach who plays a three-man defense stunt for all the marbles like the gamblers on Bourbon Street. Jim Caldwell played chess, never streaking or moving his pawns for upfield cross patterns and routes designed to confuse the gambler. The valor of the defense that J. Freeny led the warriors across the board with guts and determination. The accurate breakdowns of the Saints’s defense led to two scores and a field goal, cutting the air with tight spirals that P. Manning threw for 333 yards finding the illusive D. Clark seven times for 83 yards. J. Addai pounded out 77 yards rushing the field while carrying tacklers and scoring a touchdown to help control the clock for a total of 29 minutes, a minute less than the Saints’ offense.

The guard of arms rained confetti in Miami with 228 yards to 8 receivers as M. Colston’s 83 yards led the way. P. Thomas danced like he was on Bourbon Street through the Colts’ defense for 30 yards. Although this game had many twists and turns and melodrama, it showcased something the league has been missing, a competitive rivalry, a battle of wills on both offenses. Seconds clicked and the game of render began with passing and running plays to knock the opposition on their heels. A team wins and loses together but individuals who we call “playmakers” arrive through hours of studying playbooks. Countless reps hold the honor of becoming the one who changed the game. The Saints as a unit showed us how, and this is how you win. Each member became a playmaker, not just a player by remembering why we study and practice.

As we learn there is power in numbers as the shape of a new political world takes shape, America is asking, “Who dat?” As new faces enter the political arena every day in hopes of leading and taking the gambles by calculating the moves for the laws and future of tomorrow’s economy and issues we face daily America is still asking, “Who dat?” As a result, do we come together for the common cause as we are on the brink of depression with half of the year done and a new budget set for review this is one of those strategies that will jump-start the economy? Democrats see this innovation and the Republicans sit a wait calculating every situation with a counter equation. This is our moment to become playmakers and bond as a unit going into history as the ones who did it, the who dat’s with a voice from state to state. We send our gamblers to speak for us and lead our government.

Following Your Bliss

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Bryan Au - appliances - January 5, 2010

Bryan Au is an author and expert who lives in Manhattan Beach, California in the United States. He has agreed to be interviewed by this Donna Magazine to inspire others.

When asked if money makes us happy? he responded:
“Well yes it can but the answer can go both ways,” writes Au in an email to the publisher. ” It can be a double-edged sword because if you do not have a real purpose or know what to do with the money you can lose or spend all of it which wouldn’t make you so happy after all.  So getting a lot of money can make you happy because yes you can afford to buy things that you need or have always wanted. But having more money also means having more responsibilities and pressure to try to hang on to it. There are more taxes, more expenditures and other things to consider on top of the thrill of going shopping and buying nice luxury items for yourself.”
Au has some advice on how best to handle money and to stay happy.
“Some advice about being happy relates to a story my friend shared with me recently. There is an event called the Vipassana where for 10 days you go to a silent meditation retreat where no one is allowed to talk and everyone meditates for 10 hours a day for 10 days. The purpose of this very intense exercise is to get to know more about what is in your mind, body, and spirit and to also be able to be happy in any circumstance.
“My friend decided to do this Vipassana during the holidays which seems to be the most popular time for people to go do it. Upon returning she told me it was not easy but that she gained a lot of insight into just being ‘happy no matter what.’
Au personally does not think that it is necessary to go through a rigourous program to experience being happy.
He believes that we can just use wisdom and decide to be happy.

“Then when the natural cycle of good and bad occurs in our lives we are more stable and level-headed we don’t sway from being super elated and joyful one moment to being super angry or depressed the next,” says Au. “The truth is life is that it will be up and down all the time and we tend to be very happy or sad from one moment to the next depending on our finances, desires, friends, family and other important elements of our lives.”

Au believes that if we are grateful for the blessings and goodness that we ALREADY HAVE in our lives and if we can just be happy and thankful for all the good that is happening. Then we will tend to focus on the positive and we will indeed become happier. That way if we do experience a windfall in abundance and wealth we would have already been happy and not be depending on a lot of money in order for us to decide or to finally become happy when we already can and have done just that!
“For some people, they have specific financial goals and until they reach it or get it they won’t be happy or they might overwork themselves into having bad health problems or bad relationships and so on. The key is to be balanced, to be thankful and appreciate the good things that you ALREADY HAVE in your life and don’t focus on what you lack or don’ have.”
Au notes The Secret DVD.  It explains that if you constantly worry or focus on the negative or what you lack then the Universe will actually attract more conditions and events that will increase those negative aspects into your life! But the more positive, happy and successful you feel or have thoughts that are high vibrations then you will also attract more wealth, joy and success. It sounds too easy or too good to be true, but if you practice it you may find that it works. The principles are obvious because once you have a certain mindset certain actions and laws of attraction really do start to work with very real results.
“You should also try not to place all of your happiness in an outcome of a certain condition or dollar amount because sometimes you might not get it or it may take longer than you imagine to achieve it and during all that time you should choose to be happy, healthy and joyful no matter what instead of being miserable or sad until a lofty goal is achieved. Of course, we should have good goals and go for our dreams but we should enjoy the journey and appreciate the lessons that come our way. So when we do achieve success it is that much sweeter but even if we do not we are still very happy.”
Au also notes that having money does not guarantee happiness. Many people gamble, spend or squander it away and they are very unhappy as a result.  Or they make bad choices, investments, loans and so on. So having a lot of money is not always the ultimate joy that everyone thinks it is.  It very well can be if you have a good plan and good intentions.

“This is where I would like to share my personal story in relation to money. All of my life it always seemed like everyone else knew what their purpose or career was. I never knew and it took me most of my life to discover what mine was. But before this occurred I already decided that I was going to be the happiest, positive, cheerful, loving, caring, healing person on earth and that I wanted to help people to be happy and healthy as well.  I love America so much and I know in my heart and soul how lucky I am to have grown up in the USA and to live in such a wonderful free country where dreams come true, where if you work hard you can achieve your hopes and dreams.  Everything comes so easily to us that we tend to forget that most of the world, about 75 percent, live in extreme poverty, filth, starvation, malnutrition and that they don’t even have basic needs met like clean water. Here we are in the land of plenty where we can get the best food, the best clothes, the best water and at the best prices just around the corner. Everything comes easy for us. It is true there are people that struggle and are homeless too but for the most part, most people in the USA have it really great and live like kings and queens compared to most of the world.

“My main point here is that on a deeply personal level I just love America and appreciate it so much that early in my youth I decided that I would somehow become the best person I can be and to give back and add more positivity not only to America but to the entire world too. The only problem is I wasn’t so sure how I would do this!

“But the fact was I wanted to add that I had loving, caring healing intentions. Once I decided upon that just like in The Secret DVD many events began to unfold that revealed to me what my destiny and purpose was in the world. But even still it took me most of my life, incredible spiritual world travels and more to finally discover not only my purpose but also to find out what money, goals, relationships and what life was really about. Looking back, everything I learned and every new job that I did was really just training for my real purpose and career which I am about to reveal and share with you now.

“Today I am a celebrity chef, best-selling author, actor, model and Eco Green Expert and host of my own ECO CHEF TV Show Series! Believe me, I had no idea all of this was going to happen to me because most of my life was spent volunteering as a vegetarian chef at yoga centres all around the world. It was my way of adding more health and harmony to our world! In my heart, I felt like it was the right thing to do and it made me feel good so I kept going with it and I really enjoyed meeting new different people and going to very interesting new places.

“In the yoga world in ancient times they recommend giving everything up and having nothing in order to gain spiritual insights and realizations. They also recommend living very simply so that you do not have many needs, desires and so you are freer to just be happy and healthy every day. They explained that having money, material goods and household duties may seem attractive but they take away from your energy, true spiritual realization, and joy. They keep us busy and wear us down was the main basic message. Although this may be true on certain levels I personally discovered that having money, wealth and living in the world in modern times is practical, can be very enjoyable and balanced if we know what we are doing and have a higher purpose in our life.

“Now this is my story and so I can only speak for myself and what I learned along my spiritual journey. People may not agree with me or have their own realizations, truths, and experiences. But I do hope my story inspires you and will open you up to new adventures, discoveries, and experiences in health, happiness, and joy. So I decided to not own anything, not earn money, I would have nothing and then in a sense I would be truly free, an empty cup, an open spirit and in essence I would then own everything although materially I would have nothing. This made total sense for me and it was true. My life was very simple. I did yoga every day, I volunteered a vegetarian chef in yoga centres all around the world which made other people very attracted to me and happy to see me. They truly appreciated what I was doing and they loved my food. For me I loved people and the adventure was the best time of my life. I had no worries, no bills, no problems just a lot of fun. And I realized that I didn’t need money or a job at that time in my youth. But this would not last forever and I now realize it was a special period in my life where I was allowed to experience this so that I can make spiritual realizations as to why were are here and what we are supposed to be doing. I had this special realization and moment of total clarity when I was on Paradise Island in the Bahamas on one of my volunteering gigs, I was all alone at 2 a.m. on the beach in the most beautiful amazing place in the world under a full moon, with the glowing ocean and I had just finished doing some yoga by myself when I just sat and looked out into the starlit sky. All of a sudden in the distance I saw a storm cloud and how the lightning was flashing and really deep thoughts of how the earth was just like our body!

“The cloud was like our “brain” and the lightning was like our “nerves” and the ocean was like our “blood” and then I was getting even deeper thoughts and realizations as I was inhaling the freshest ocean air in the world, that the universe, the earth, and our bodies were all deeply connected, were as “one” but that we all were “one” and spiritually connected too. I have read about this before and thought about it but it is altogether a very profound almost indescribable experience to totally and completely understand all of this in every fibre and cell of my body but it got even deeper. Just then I had the most powerful understanding that we were all here to actually love each other, support one another and to help each other in the best ways that we can. Again, to read about this and think about it is very good but at that moment I felt it on such a deep level that it is beyond words or description. And the events that happened after that revealed to me what my purpose was! Finally, after years of searching and wandering, traveling, meeting people I finally found out what I was supposed to be doing!

“In the following days, I met some raw foodists. These are people who choose to eat and enjoy mostly raw and organic fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables for their main diet. Although I admit that sounds crazy or extreme it actually makes perfect sense and is incredibly enjoyable. A new cuisine with limitless flavors, textures, new recipes and adventures to be discovered by you. And the benefits? PURE Joy, incredible energy, health, vitality, anti-aging naturally each day, reversing, curing or preventing most modern day diseases and conditions all while being incredibly delicious, fast, fun and easy!
“Can such a thing exist? WELL YES, and it is RAW ORGANIC CUISINE! Please go to my Website to get more free photos, recipes, and information:
Bryan Au - book - January 5, 2010
“So after I met these RAW foodists and tried their food I was amazed! They handed me a “flax cracker” to me it looked like bird seed stuck together! I never heard of or ever seen flax seeds before. But I tried it and found out that I really liked it. It had a nutty flavor and was crispy and crunchy like chips or crackers. It was actually very good. They were so happy I liked it and they soon explained to me the benefits of eating a mostly raw organic diet. They told me it was how nature intended food to be eaten that there are no microwaves, ovens or stoves in nature, that we ate this way for millions of years and never got sick, that six billion living beings on earth eat a raw organic diet but only one eats cooked foods and has wars, cancer, disease, hospitals and weapons, HUMANS! All other raw organic eating animals are primarily peaceful, perfectly happy and healthy. It started to make sense to me, our bodies and universe is also raw organic just like that really deep transformative experience I had by myself late the other night on the beach! Yes, it became clear to me if we ate mostly pure all natural healthy loving foods we would also be naturally healthy and happy too! We are what we eat after all. But they went further in explaining to me that there were new recipes, desserts, snacks and entrees to sample. And that they were all designed to add more enzymes, more energy, more youth, more health for those that ate it and enjoyed it. I was so excited a whole new world opened up to me and I wanted to learn as much as I could.
“I quickly found out that because of my 20 plus years of being a vegetarian chef that I was very good at inventing and creating totally new raw organic recipes! People really enjoyed them, I wasn’t getting burnt in the kitchen anymore, and people were asking me for my new special raw organic recipes. I wanted to be credited for inventing them and to have them on record so I decided to self-publish my now best selling Raw in Ten Minutes raw organic recipe book! So people can have all of my inventions, techniques, recipes and enjoy all the wonderful benefits!
“But before that happened I actually ran out of money, was totally broke and had $10 left to my name! I had to return to college and back to the USA to finish my education. At that time I decided that being broke all the time and volunteering all the time was fun but now I have something incredible, new and beneficial to share with the entire World! The raw foodists taught me how raw food can help so many people yet it was not yet mainstream and most people do not even know about it. I decided it would be my “job” to create access, awareness, and education so that everyone in the world can discover it and enjoy it as much as I was.
“But my main purpose and goal were caring about people’s health and that of the planet. Everything else sort of fell into place nicely. I discovered a good self-publishing company on the Internet and I wrote and self-published my Raw in Ten Minutes raw organic recipe book online, it is now available and a best seller on So I went from having no money to all of a sudden everyone was buying my book! For the first time in my life, I discovered that money can be good and can be healthy. That I did not have to be penniless and having nothing all the time. For me, I did need to experience some very profound deep thoughts but after I learned what I needed to it was time for me to return to the World and share my RAW secrets and discoveries. I planned on making my Raw in Ten Minutes recipe book a best seller, then open raw organic restaurants, have an infomercial, TV Show Series, open a National Franchise and then take it to the stock market so I can make it big, create new jobs and an all-new natural health industry for America and the World to enjoy and benefit from. So far most of my goals, hopes and dreams came true, I did become a best-selling author, I did open PA~RAW~DISE 100 percent raw organic cuisine Restaurant, I did film and air my raw infomercial and now I have my own “Eco Chef” TV show series which you can watch on and soon on network TV! Then I will open my national franchise then create more jobs a new Eco Green industry and take it to the stock market. Then everyone will know about it and benefit from it and love it too! So far so good and my plan is working. The best part is everyone that buys a book, DVD, raw star ceramic knife or any of my eco-green or all natural products they are joining a community, a movement, they are making the DREAM come alive and happen too! They become part of the dream and the goodness, the health, and healing on a Global Level!
“I never thought anything like this would happen to me. I used to be so shy and so broke all the time. But I followed my heart, I just did the best I could, I was always happy and I wanted to help people to become healthy and happy too. And now this is the result! But going back to the subject of money. I literally went from having no money, nothing to my name, just $10 to having a lot of money, a best seller, my own TV SHOW and more very quickly. But because I had good intentions, a grand plan and want to help people the wealth, the abundance all goes back into wanting the best for others and the world. I still live very simply so I have held on to what I have learned and when the success came I was ready!
I hope you enjoyed my story and will visit my website: I hope it inspired you and that it was entertaining to read rags to riches story. But my true wish is that you will try raw organic cuisine, snacks, and desserts for yourself, everyone that does Love IT INSTANTLY you will feel great, healthy, alive and energetic. This is because your body is thanking you for giving it true all-natural nutrition and energy. You will go much further in life and like me, you will discover hidden talents and abilities that you never knew you had! Before they were being blocked because certain toxins and things that happen when you make or eat cooked foods, well they can block your health and energy. Raw organic cuisine taps you into hidden talents, abilities, you are so energetic and strong that you will become so much happier, healthier and successful every day. Thoughts of joy, love, healing, and friendship will enter your mind and life more. You will feel more connected to people, the Earth and the Entire Universe so please give it a try!
“And if you follow your bliss, do what you love and truly enjoy the money will come, just don’t worry and be happy!
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