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Girl Power: Chronicles of the True Power of Female Friendships by [Madaleno, Teresa]Girl Power: Chronicles of the True Power of Female Friendships


Teresa Madaleno’s Chronicles of Female Friendships are so compelling that parts will, no doubt, resonate within our own lives. The breadth and depth of each pair of friend’s life tribulations are measured in equal amounts by the unbelievable amount of love and humanity they offer each other in support and truly astonishing acts of selflessness! What a shining example of Girl Power. These stories will radiate off the pages and into your heart!

Jacqueline Thornton – Information Services, Aurora Public Library

The essence of Girl Power comes through loud and clear in each touching friendship that the author introduces. The patience and endurance of ordinary women are tested and sometimes friendships are tested too, but we discover in the long run than taking the time to invest in friends is well worth it. As you follow the women in these chronicles through their trials and triumphs, you can’t help but think of your own friends; the ones who have been in your life every-step-of-the-way and the ones you wished you worked harder to keep by your side.
At times you are led to believe that these women are all alone; abandoned to deal aimlessly with life’s cruel hurdles then suddenly that special friend comes to the rescue, reminding us that true friends do exist. In a colourful and narrative fashion, the author teaches us that friends really can be a true inspiration to each other.

Joanne Sprung – Media Programming Specialist: CTV Television, Global Television, and Telelatino Network.

The theme of woman as an enabler is a familiar one within the context of family, but the author travels farther afield in her exploration of women and their relationships with other women-friends, not family. Through describing critical events in the lives of seven dyads of women within the context of crises, and underscores the concept of strong female friendships in each story.
The narratives capture the readers’ interest and the stories demand the turning of pages. They flow as a river of words.
A terrific psychological narrative!

Marion Gold – Narrative Researcher, Hag and Crone

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New Book Essentials of Writing for Small Business by Teresa Madaleno to be Released in Early October

It has been a long time coming, but in early October my new book, Essentials of Writing for Small Business will be published. This is a guide for anyone who wants to take on the task of writing their own news releases, proposals, case studies etc., as opposed to hiring a professional writer. Below is an excerpt from the introduction of the book.

‘ Many people may feel that writing is a task that only English majors can perfect but the truth is that you can improve your writing skills with simple adjustments, and we all need to communicate effectively in the business world.

Research shows that people with good writing skills are viewed as more credible and therefore meet with much more success. When you think about it, this makes sense. When we are in school, good writers tend to get high grades. In business, people seem to equate good writing with competence. At work, when you receive a document or email from a colleague that is riddled with grammatical errors and/or typos, do you not think he/she is lazy or less capable? Be honest about how you answer this question. Now, if your career is important to you then consider this: Many of the world’s best CEO’s have advanced creative writing skills. These are skills that they use every day to win people over. Do you want to win people over? If you do, then you need to write in a concise manner and in a thoughtful manner. The structure is also important when writing, whether it is a newsletter, proposal, or any other type of written document.

Essentials of Writing for Small Business is your simple guide to writing everything from short emails, web copy, blogs, or news releases to lengthier copy, such as speeches, white papers, and proposals.’

Soon, I will provide details on the release date and how you can get a copy!

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Donna Kakonge and Teresa Madaleno at the Indie Book Day – Saturday, October 4, 2014

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Become The Next EL James: Find Out How to Self-publish Your Book by Teresa Madaleno

The year it took me to eat pistachio nuts

I got really lucky. I was teaching a Self-Publishing Around the World course with the University of Toronto. I had four students in my class. One of them left mid-way through for vacation.

The three students I had were fabulous. One of them has already completed her book and is on her journey of making sales from it. The book is called Girl Power: Chronicles of the True Power of Female Friendships by Teresa Madaleno. Teresa also started her own magazine online called Madaleno Magazine. You should Google it to check it out. Continue reading “The year it took me to eat pistachio nuts”

Girl power in hockey (Originally Published in Amöi Magazine)

In Culture, Entertainment, Writing (all kinds) on December 19, 2008 at 23:22

Fran Rider, Executive Director of the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association says Canadians are born with an interest in hockey. She came from a sports-minded family and started playing around 1967.

“It has powerful opportunities, many of the girls are teachers, professors, they’re highly educated,” she says. “There are many police officers. The young girls have role models in life, not just in sport.” Continue reading “Girl power in hockey (Originally Published in Amöi Magazine)”