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Spice Girls “Forever”

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TTC, Student President Ousted for Smoking, Spice Girls

Kimberlee Nancekivell Writes about the TTC – Photo Courtesy of

Kimberlee Nancekivell - February 16, 2010

Kimberlee Nancekivell
Online Story 2

A news conference is being held at the Sheraton Centre on Tuesday morning to address the conflict between TTC workers, administration, and riders.

A group called “Toronto Transit Operators against public harassment” appeared on Facebook last week, collecting more than 500 members in a few days. The purpose of the group was to provide an outlet for workers to discuss how to deal with the recent accusations that they were not doing their jobs as well as they could.

These accusations followed the publication of photos and videos captured by riders showing TTC workers asleep, or taking breaks when they should have been working.

Among the solutions discussed by TTC workers in the group were a work-to-rule campaign, which hasn’t materialized, and retaliation via photography, with workers posting photos of riders breaking TTC rules.

Word of the possible work-to-rule campaign made it to already angry riders who joined the Facebook group and gave their two cents. Riders posted so many complaints about the TTC that the group had to be closed to new members.

Bob Kinnear, president of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113, will be speaking to the media at the conference Tuesday morning. Though he hasn’t confirmed anything, Kinnear is expected to address the memo from administration to workers that he says puts all the blame on the workers.

Kirsten Parucha Writes about a President Ousted for Smoking inside – Photo Courtesy of

Kirsten Parucha - February 16, 2010

Online Story 2 – Kirsten Parucha

Zuhair Syed has officially been removed as president of the Student Campus Students’ Union (SCSU) at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus (UTSC).

After a three-day voting process (which took place from Feb. 3-5), 554 UTSC students voted yes to have Syed removed and 477 UTSC students voted no.

Syed’s removal was officially announced Friday night on the SCSU website.

The vote to have Syed removed as president was provoked in late December of 2009 when the Chairman of SCSU issued a tier 3 motion for his removal. His request was based on allegations that Syed was not attending mandatory meetings, was occasionally late for mandatory meetings and that he had been smoking and drinking in his office.

These allegations sparked much tension between SCSU members and students and provoked petitions and Facebook groups to have Syed removed.

After the tier 3 motion was placed, Syed’s presidential duties were taken away from him and were given to VP External, Amir Bashir in early January.

Now that Syed is no longer president, it’s up to the Board on whether they want to keep Bashir as acting president or if the role will be handed to another official.

Megan Harris Writes about the Spice Girls – Photo Courtesy of

Megan Harris - February 16, 2010

Spice Girls: The Musical
-Megan Harris

At the end of May 1998, fans everywhere mourned the end of an era. Geri Halliwell left the Spice Girls, and it seemed like it was the end for the popular British pop group. Then in 2007, the band reunited for a reunion tour, culminating on February 26 2008. Once the hype had died down, the world settled back to normal, and many thought the Spice Girls were gone for good this time.

But were they? After months of rumours, it was officially announced at the end of January this year that a Spice Girls musical, Viva Forever, is coming to the West End in London.

The contents of the show will be fictional but will include many of the band’s hit songs. It is being created by Simon Fuller, former manager of the Spice Girls, and Mamma Mia! producer Judy Craymer.

“I want to create a unique celebration of the band and its music, with its own flavour and joyful message,” Craymer told CBC news. “It is important to me that the excitement, style, and humour of the Spice Girls is well represented on stage.”

Although there is currently no timetable set for the show, it is expected to launch in two or three years, according to London’s Mirror newspaper. Judging by the huge fan base the Spice Girls still have, and the prior achievements of the group, things are looking up for the success of the musical.


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