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Anti-Social Networking

By Kirk Verner How about these social networking sites? How do you feel about them? Aren’t they great? I beg to be different and beg to differ. These mind-numbing social sites are all that people talk about. “I have over 10,000 friends on MySpace….

Making Social Media Work for You

By Chris Temelkos With the ever-growing popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, more people are becoming overnight success stories. Social networking can work to your advantage as well. By creating a Facebook, YouTube or Twitter account you are taking your…

Social Networking

Online Piece 5 ONLINE PRIVACY Kimberlee Nancekivell Avid users of social networking sites may want to rethink their open-book lifestyles. Launched last week, Please Rob Me, is a website designed to raise awareness about the dangers of posting information on the Internet for all…

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