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Staining Tips from Sikkens

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With the launch of Cetol® SRD alkyd-acrylic one-coat stain, Sikkens offers these tips to ensure a successful staining job.

Prepare surfaces properly: Make sure the surface to be stained is clean and dry. Wipe away dirt, dust, mildew, algae, moss, leaves, and loose wood fibres. Strip away previous coatings with an exterior stain remover before applying new stain. Let new wood settle for at least a month before staining.

Have a plan: If using more than a gallon, intermix batches to ensure colour consistency.

Sand both new and aged wood with 80 to 120 grit paper to open the pores and always sand – and stain – in the direction of the wood grain. To avoid lap marks, start at one edge and follow through to the end of the board maintaining a wet edge. For better protection, apply a coat of stain on all six sides of the plank.

Watch the weather: The best time to stain is when the temperature is between 10°C and 35°C. Wait at least 48 hours after a rainfall or washing before starting your job. Hold off on staining when rain, dew or frost is present or expected within 24 to 48 hours.

Tools matter: Wood planks become warped with time, so a paint brush – not a roller – is the best tool to apply a stain. Use brushes that are specifically designed for wood staining.

Don’t cut corners: Be patient, wait for the right conditions, and your job will last longer. Never apply stain in the direct sunlight or on surfaces hot to the touch as it will reduce penetration of the coating and increase the risk of peeling.

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Ready, Set… Stain!

CIL Premium Can

New One-Coat, Alkyd-Acrylic Formula

Woodcare Finish Takes the ‘Pain’ out of Stain

Sikkens experts offer fail-proof tips for staining decks, sidings, rails and more

 June 4, 2012 – Who says oil and water don’t mix? Leading coatings brand Sikkens has introduced an innovative new woodcare stain that contains a unique combination of water and oil-based materials to deliver the best of both worlds for users.

 Made from a unique alkyd (oil) and acrylic (water) hybrid mix, new Sikkens Cetol® SRD is a premium flat finish stain that requires only one coat on any exterior wood surface – from decks and fences to rails, siding and outdoor furniture.

The coating provides both the strength and durability of an alkyd stain and the ease of use of an acrylic product, including simple clean-up of tools with water. It is specially formulated to deliver maximum penetration, colour retention, adhesion and resistance to ultraviolet rays, humidity, rain, sleet, and snow.

 “Our research shows that homeowners want wood coatings that make their stain jobs easier, and the product’s unique alkyd-acrylic combination does the trick,” said Nathalie Lambert, Sikkens Brand Director.

Cetol® SRD meets Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) requirements, Lambert explained, adding that sustainability was a key objective in developing the product. “Our goal is to always find new ways to do things in order to speed up sustainable growth,” she said.

With a translucent finish – allowing the wood grains to show through – Cetol® SRD

comes in eight different colours: natural, natural oak, cedar, teak, butternut, redwood, mahogany and dark oak. Available at specialized paint and hardware stores across Canada, a gallon of Cetol® SRD retails for $51.70.

From May 7 to September 14, 2012, Sikkens is inviting Canadians to participate in a photo contest to showcase their stained Sikkens deck projects. Entries will be considered for a grand prize of $1,000-worth of garden furniture or two-second prizes of stainless-steel patio heaters.

For more information about Cetol® SRD, to locate a Sikkens dealer, or to participate in the photo contest, visit .

About Sikkens

Sikkens is a brand of AkzoNobel, the Canadian leader in decorative paints serving the consumer, professional renovation and construction markets. A market leader in wood protection, Sikkens has been a top brand for decorative coatings and car refinishing since its establishment in 1792. Through the years, Sikkens’ product assortment has grown thanks to the introduction of new technologies. Through cooperative relationships with architects, designers, professional painters and DIYers, Sikkens wood finishes have maintained a strong position for protection and decoration, both interior and exterior. Continue reading

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