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Safety and Your Home (Originally Published in New Dreamhomes and Condominiums Magazine)

Now you have bought that new dream home or new condominium. You may not know your neighbours and the neighbourhood well yet. You need to make sure that for all the time you will live there – you will be safe.

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[TPS] – Halloween safety tips‏

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Toronto Police Service
News Release

Halloween safety tips

Thursday, October 27, 2011 – 8:00 AM
Corporate Communications

The Toronto Police Service would like to take this opportunity to remind parents, caregivers, children and motorists that every effort should be made to keep Halloween a safe and enjoyable occasion.

Here are some general safety tips:

– consider dressing your child in a light-coloured costume. Reflective tape or armbands placed on the costume can help increase visibility. Carrying a small flashlight to light the way between houses is a good idea and helps make children more visible on dark residential streets

– if your child will be wearing a mask, increase the eye openings to improve vision. Consider the use of makeup as an alternative to wearing a mask

– prior to Halloween, ensure the costume is the proper length to reduce the risk of tripping. Do not allow your child to ride a bicycle while in costume; it could become tangled in the chain or spokes. If the costume is purchased, ensure it is made of flame-retardant material

– ensure children have something to eat before they begin to Trick or Treat. It’s very important that no treats are consumed until they have been carefully inspected by an adult

– young children should be accompanied by an adult. Older children should be encouraged to go out in groups, stay together and utilize the “buddy system”

– approach only lit houses

– discuss with your children the route they will be traveling and what time they are required to return home. They should stay in familiar neighbourhoods

– Trick or Treat along one side of the street, then cross over carefully to the other side. Avoid running back and forth across the street

– Attention drivers! Children will be very excited and their actions could be sudden and unpredictable. Exercise caution and slow down.

– Homeowners! Make sure your yard is clear and safe. Please ensure pets are in a safe place so no harm will come to them or the children

Let’s all have a safe and happy Halloween.

Please click here for a Halloween colouring booklet.

Constable Wendy Drummond, Corporate Communications

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Toronto Police Service Launch Public Education Campaign for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Toronto Police Services Launch Campaign for Sexual Assault Awareness Month – Photo Courtesy of Google Images

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Thursday, May 19, 2011 – 12:05 PM
Corporate Communications

Today, the Toronto Police Service, in partnership with their Sexual Assault Advisory Committee, launched a public education campaign and a Guidebook for sexual assault survivors to recognize Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

The public education campaign uses posters from the Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton program, a campaign launched in November 2010 in partnership with the Edmonton Police Service. In addition, the Toronto Police Service has created awareness pieces that address issues of victim blaming and various sexual assault myths.

“Sexual assault is a violent crime that is based on power and control. Anyone who commits a sexual assault needs to know the Toronto Police Service takes these crimes very seriously and their actions will not be tolerated,” said Chief William Blair. “I would encourage anyone who has been sexually assaulted to speak with the police and to access the various community agencies that do an excellent job of providing support to survivors.”

For many years, the Toronto Police Service has successfully collaborated with many community agencies and representatives to provide a systematic response to sexual assault. These community partners have been involved in the development of training modules for sexual assault investigators and the drafting of new procedures for the investigation of sexual assaults. Most recently, the Sexual Assault Advisory Committee has been invaluable in the creation of a guidebook that helps survivors of sexual assault navigate the justice process from police investigation to trial and sentencing.

“The legal system can be intimidating, and for anyone who is a survivor of sexual assault, whether the assault occurred recently or in the past, it can be a confusing and scary time. Our goal with this guidebook is to educate survivors and give them a reference manual that can help them through the legal process and let them know what their options are and what resources are available to them,” said Simona Jellinek, a lawyer with Jellinek Law Office and member of the Sexual Assault Advisory Committee.

The Toronto Police Service intends to distribute the public education campaign through social media and on its website. It will be displayed at the Toronto Eaton Centre’s Community Booth on May 19, 2011. The guide for sexual assault survivors will be distributed to every police division across the city and will be made available to any community agency and educational institution that requests it. It will also be available at the Community Booth on May 19th, on the service’s website and through various social media channels.

Meaghan Gray, Corporate Communications, for Staff Inspector Greg McLane, Sex Crimes Unit

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Crime Prevention Tips

Crime Prevention around the house and yard

You can’t be on guard 24 hours a day or be expected to stay up nights wondering if a criminal might be lurking around your property. There are things you can do to minimize your risk of becoming a crime victim. Among them:

• Make sure all doors, windows, and skylights to your house and garage are always closed and locked.
• Park your vehicle in a locked garage if possible.
• Keep your vehicle locked at all times.
• Use your exterior lighting. Regularly check to ensure all exterior lighting around your home is powered and operational.
• Install exterior lighting around the complete perimeter of your home if you don’t already have it.
• If you have a back alley or easement, be sure no unauthorized person can get into this area.
• Beware of landscaping that may provide cover or concealment for someone lurking around your home.
• Trim back trees and bushes on your property.
• Ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your home with the promise you’ll do the same for them. Concentrate on houses where people are away on vacation.
• Make sure there are no sources of flammable materials left out in the open, like rags, wood, gasoline cans, newspapers etc. Lock and chain barbeque propane tanks including spare tanks to prevent them from being stolen, used as a means to break a window or as a source of flammable material.
• Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
• Report any suspicious person(s) or events to the police.
• Do not delay in calling the police. Hesitate only long enough to ensure your safety. Then call immediately. The faster the police are able to respond, the better the chances the criminal(s) will be arrested.
• Sunday the 7th of November 2010 is daylight savings time and also time to change batteries in smoke alarms. Make sure smoke alarms are installed on every floor of your home and they are regularly checked and are operational.
• Talk to your family about a fire plan and how to get out if a blaze strikes your home. Remember to arrange a specific meeting place so everyone knows all the members of your household escaped from the home safely.

General Toronto Police Contact Information

9-1-1 Should be used for the following emergencies:
•Crime in progress – situations where the safety of people or property are at risk
•Medical emergency
416-808-2222 Should be used for non-emergency situations
416-222-TIPS – Crime Stoppers – Report anonymously to police any information regarding a crime (or online at Text TOR and your message to CRIMES (274637)

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