[TPS] – 2011 Holiday R.I.D.E. program, Final update‏

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Toronto Police Service
News Release

2011 Holiday R.I.D.E. program, Final update

Monday, January 9, 2012 – 2:14 PM
Traffic Services

The Toronto Police Service 2011 Holiday R.I.D.E. program has concluded as of January 1, 2012. A total of 2,232 officers carried out 556 spot-checks and dedicated 6,798 hours to the Holiday R.I.D.E. program in Toronto.

A comparison to the final results in 2010 is provided.

Final spot-check summary 2011 (day 37)

– spot-checks conducted: 556
– drivers tested: 2,552
– charged over 80 (includes all Over 80 charges): 100
– charged refuse (includes all fail/refuse charges): 20
– charged impaired: 26
– issued warn-range suspension: 270
– issued 90-day suspension: 118
– suspensions issued: 388
– vehicles impounded: 227
– total people charged: 123
– total drinking and driving charges laid: 146

As a result of the Toronto Police 2011 Holiday R.I.D.E. campaign: one in every 20 drivers tested at a spot-check resulted in the driver being arrested for a criminal drinking and driving offence (2010: one in every 33 drivers tested).

Furthermore, one in every nine drivers tested resulted in a warn-range driver’s licence suspension (2010: one in every 10 drivers tested).

These numbers reflect the Toronto Police Service R.I.D.E. spot-checks only.

Final spot-check summary 2010 (day 37)

– spot checks conducted: 336
– drivers tested: 1,805
– charged Over 80 (includes all Over 80 charges): 49
– charged refuse (includes all fail/refuse charges): 5
– charged impaired: 22
– issued warn-range suspension: 177
– issued 90−day suspension: 50
– total suspensions issued: 227
– vehicles impounded: 129
– total people charged: 60
– total drinking and driving charges laid: 76

The Toronto Police Service conducts R.I.D.E. spot-checks throughout the year to ensure that citizens arrive at their destinations safely and will continue to work cooperatively with members of the public to heighten society’s awareness of the dangers associated with impaired driving.

Together we can make a difference by sending a strong message to our communities that impaired driving will not be tolerated.

Plan ahead. Don’t drink and drive.

For further information, contact Toronto Police Service Ride Coordinator, Constable Wendy Johnston, at 416-808-1954.

The Toronto Police Service is dedicated to ensuring the safe and orderly movement of traffic within the City of Toronto. Stay informed with what’s happening at Traffic Services on Twitter and Facebook.

Constable Tony Vella, Corporate Communications, for Constable Wendy Johnston, Traffic Services


Canada Road Safety Week Campaign Results

Road Safety Results are Out – Photo Courtesy of Google Images

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Thursday, May 26, 2011 – 4:12 PM
Traffic Services

The Toronto Police Service joined police across the country to support
“Canada Road Safety Week,” from Monday, May 16, 2011, to Monday, May 23, 2011,

See the previous release.

Canada Road Safety Week is a national traffic safety and enforcement initiative, conducted in partnership with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, police services from across Canada and Transport Canada. This coordinated effort between policing agencies aims to achieve the goal of making Canada’s roads the safest in the world.

The one-week campaign was bolstered in Ontario by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police launching their annual “Drive Safe! R.I.D.E Campaign, geared towards raising the awareness of the dangers of distracted and impaired driving.

Police were asked to pay particular attention to the four leading causes of collisions and injuries related to collisions during the one-week campaign.

The categories of those offences are:

1) Impaired Driving (by drug or alcohol),
2) Occupant Restraint (including child−safety−restraint systems),
3) Aggressive Driving (including speeding, racing and stunt driving),
4) Distracted Driving.

During the campaign, Toronto officers laid the following charges:

Alcohol-Related Offences:

– three-day Warn Range Suspensions: 47
– seven-day Warn Range Suspensions (2nd Warn Range Violation): 5
– 45-Day Vehicle Impound: 7

Impaired Driving / Over 80 / Refuse: 46

Aggressive Driving Related Offences:

HTA Section 172 (Stunt / Racing Legislation): 9
Careless Driving: 106
Unsafe Manoeuvers: 3,094

Speeding: 4,972

Occupant Restraint:

Adult Seatbelt Offences: 312
Child Safety Seat Offences: 61

Distracted Driving:

Drive – Handheld communication device: 816
Drive – Handheld entertainment device: 25
Drive – Screen visible to driver: 40

Traffic Services is dedicated to ensuring the safe and orderly movement of traffic within the City of Toronto. Stay informed with what’s happening on Twitter, Facebook Fan Page, Facebook Group and on Blog

Constable Tony Vella, Corporate Communications, for Sergeant Tim Burrows, Traffic Services