Drifting is for dummies

By Roselyn Kelada-Sedra Westerners have developed a twitch. We change locations so often, it’s become a compulsion. People move to pursue education, to go after jobs, to follow lovers. When lovers become exes, they move again. And there’s a special breed that moves on when a place just loses its appeal. They’re the drifters, the … Continue reading Drifting is for dummies

Journalist Paul Wells

Independent piece Dec. 5, 2007 By Roselyn Kelada-Sedra Last Refuge of the Vaguely Talented: Interview with Paul Wells With his words strewn all over the floor, I wait for the phone to ring. Today, I interview Paul Wells, columnist for Maclean’s, author of the bestseller Right Side Up, former political beat-writer for the National Post … Continue reading Journalist Paul Wells

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