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Toronto Blue Jays Baseball

Josh Ungar Writes about the Toronto Blue Jays – Photo Courtesy of

Josh Ungar - April 25, 2010

By Josh Ungar

The Blue Jays kicked off their 2010 season at the Rogers Centre in luxurious style last night. That is if you had big money to burn on a ticket. The regularly scarcely filled Rogers Center was packed to the brim last night, drawing a sell-out crowd of over 45,000 people.

More interesting was the huge number of fans faithfully wearing Blue Jays jerseys walking away from the stadium with looks of disappointment painted on their faces. Fans who were unable to get – or afford, for that matter – a ticket for the game. The box office was sold out months in advance, and scalpers who normally sell off blocks of tickets for a bargain price were taking full advantage of the desperate situation.

“They [the scalpers] were trying to sell me $15 seats in the nosebleeds for $80. They’re making a killing,” said a disappointed Jackson Coffey, who had arrived at the stadium three hours early and was unable to get a ticket.

Others who had planned better-bought tickets months in advance and were laughing at the desperate fans running around trying to find a ticket, and paying nearly five times the face value while they were at it.

Those who were lucky enough to get tickets for the game weren’t disappointed as the game was exciting and went into overtime, where the Jays fell just short, losing 8-7 in the 11th inning. For all those who missed out on a ticket, worry not, the Rogers Centre will go back to its standard crowd of 20,000 starting next game.


Personal interviews conducted before the game outside the Rogers Centre

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