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Dinosaur Meat

Sarah DeMille Writes about Snakes who Dine on Dinosaurs – Photo Courtesy of

Sarah Demille - March 9, 2010

Sarah DeMille
Online Story

Snake dined on dinos

A University of Toronto snake hunter and researcher has discovered an ancient snake that made its meal out of dinosaurs.

The prehistoric viper, known as Sanajeh indicus, was the length of a small car and has been found to feast upon the sauropod hatchlings as they first emerged from their shells.

The snake was actually discovered back in 1987 in Gujarat, India. Originally mistaken for a dinosaur itself, the snake was found coiled around a sauropod egg within a large clutch of eggs. It was not properly identified as a snake until 2001 when the specimen was properly cleaned.

The snake’s position within the clutch of eggs is being taken as very strong evidence that the viper was there to consume the hatchlings as they emerged. Unlike large snakes that exist today, such as pythons and constrictors, that boasted jaws hinged especially to allow them to consume the eggs whole before they hatched, the Sanajeh indicus had a very narrow jaw structure that would have required the snake to wait until its meal to hatch before it ate.

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