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Latest News From Donna Magazine – Happy Valentine’s Day Too!

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Donna Kakonge will offer her services in writing and editing help with the purchase of her books. For every book sold, she will work on a page of the writing you need help with. She has 35 books, so if the writing is more than 35 pages, then you can pay the rest through PayPal. This way you get an incredible deal of getting something back for the work she will do for you. You can purchase the books at: Please send her a receipt for the books you have purchased, plus the instructions on the work that needs to be done to Read the rest of this entry »

From Worldwide Freelance Writer

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Five Ways - Freelance Writing - November 25, 2009
Five Ways To Shine As A Professional Writer
By Dana Blozis
With the growth of social media and marketing techniques like
online article marketing, it seems that everyone is a writer of one
sort or another. In fact, I've read a handful of articles that
assure the reading public that anyone can write. While this may be
technically true, those of us who write for a living know that it
isn't as easy as it sounds. There is much more to the craft than
meets the eye.
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