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Week 6 – Time Management: Tips – 5 Time Saving Products (Originally Published on

Clare Kumar Writes About Products That Can Help You Organize – Photo Courtesy of

Clare Kumar - October 6, 2010

By Clare Kumar

There are numerous products on the market designed to help you use time more productively. Here are a few of my favourite time-savers:

Paper-Based Day Planners

While today’s electronic tools offer easy organization, sharing and portable storage, paper planners have several inherent advantages that make them ever-popular effective time management tools. Larger planners make it easy to keep your time management tools with meeting notes and other business materials. A week or month view in a paper-based planner can contain much more details than a similar perspective in a smartphone screen.

It is often faster to write an entry in a paper planner then enter it electronically, and some claim the physical act of writing a note or appointment can facilitate recall. With a paper planner, you also don’t have to worry about regular battery charging or carrying the related cables.

The Day-Timer® brand of paper-based planning systems has been around for decades. The concept was originally created by Morris Perkin, a lawyer who realized that he needed much more than a simple appointment calendar to be most productive, he needed a systematic way to manage his time. So he created one, combining the calendar with a reminder system, time record, diary, planner, organizer and list of contacts. Proving its effectiveness, results of a Bar Association study showed lawyers using the system earned 50% more than those who did not.

Day-Timer has evolved over the years to cater to all kinds of professions and personal styles. The system allows for terrific customization – by type of binding (loose leaf or wire-bound), by the size of the page (pocket to desktop), by format (the amount of space devoted to each day or week), and my style. Additional pages can be added in for to do lists, notes and memos, a work record, future appointments, expenses, and mileage records. Add in only what you use and keep all relevant information easy to access.

Combine support for a great cause and getting organized with the Day-Timer Pink Ribbon series. A portion of sales from each Pink Ribbon Set is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Whiteboards and Bulletin boards

Keeping track of important goals and due dates is critical to success. Whiteboards and bulletin boards provide a convenient way to refer to and update such information and facilitate easy communication, planning, and organization.

Quartet® offers a variety of quality boards to fit different workspaces and organizing needs. Choose separate dry to erase and bulletin boards, or select a combination board when space is limited. Smaller models are designed to fit on cubicle boards.

Planning and calendar boards come in one to four-month models with some incorporating space for task lists. Magnetic boards facilitate easy attachment of paper notes to the surface.

A variety of finishes including wood, metal, cork, and foam are available to complement the style you have chosen in your workspace.

Compliment your whiteboard with EnduraGlide® Dry-Erase Markers. Thoughtfully designed, they include a cap that prevents the marker rolling away on you, and a transparent barrel so you can quickly see how much ink is left. There is also a system to ensure the consistent flow of ink so you don’t compromise the quality of your message as you run low on ink. Keep a set in your office, well away from any permanent markers so you don’t make an irreversible marker mistake!

Coming up next in the series: Information Management Strategies

ACCO BRANDS CANADA is proud to sponsor this 10 week series on organizing your workspace leading up to ORGANIZE YOUR DESK DAY on October 21, 2010. Get the tools you need to get organized from world-class brands such as Swingline, Quartet, Day-Timer, GBC, Kensington, and Wilson Jones. Clare Kumar, founder and Chief Organizer at Streamlife, an organizing company, will take you on a practical and inspiring journey from chaos and clutter to productivity and peace of mind.

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