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Talking About Hair Today

It is now 9:17 p.m. on November 6, 2017, and as the times get busier, I have found a more simple routine to beautify. I wash my hair daily. Many times I wash at night. It helps my hair to lock better. I still have some Aveda shampoo Be Curly that I combine with Intelligent Nutrients for Coarse hair. They originate from the same founder, so I find it is […]

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Beautiful Hair, Beautiful Child

I found this image under and it was titled “crazy hair.” What is up with that? It is amazing how often natural black hair is seen is crazy hair if it is not tamed and combed. This kind of judgment is absolutely absurd. I honestly do not understand how anyone with even a modicum of education could come to this conclusion. Natural black hair is extremely fragile. The very […]

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