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Mosquito Repelling Plants

Keeping a mosquito repellant garden to protect yourself – DIY!

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Building a garden that has a mix of the plants you love, plus mosquito repellant plants, or a garden that is completely mosquito repellant can prove to surround your property with the protection you would love to have as you enjoy your property without being bitten by sometimes pesky mosquitos. If you are the kind of person that is always telling people something along these lines: “mosquitos really love my blood,” you will appreciate this article for the protection that a mosquito repellant garden can provide to you while you are relaxing on your property, as well as the avoidance of mosquitos entering the interior your home from outside of your property.

You can do this yourself – DIY! Here’s how:

1. Some Great Mosquito Repellant Plants

Many of the mosquito repellant plants have a wonderful aroma that is pungent, which is the exact reason why mosquitos are repelled by these plants. The lemon plant, for example, has a citrusy scent that can fill the air, with even such a strong scent for those people who can smell, that you cannot mistake a lemon plant for even an orange plant. Catnip is something that smells so strong that it can even put a cat into a relaxed enough mood that an agitated one will sleep a longer period of time after playing. Marigolds are a bright color that has a true flower scent that again repels mosquitos. Basil again is a strong smelling plant, that is also used in the food and some people also have essential oils with the scent of basil as well. Lavender is commonly known to be a relaxing scent; however, the scent is strong and tends to repel the skin biting mosquitoes. Peppermint is also a calming scent; however, the strength of its smell is something that drives mosquitos away from humans and other animals. The stories of garlic warding off the biting threats of Dracula in stories not just work for Dracula, it also works for the biting threats of mosquitos as well.

There are a number of beautiful mosquito repellant plants that you can add to your garden in order to remain bitten-free all throughout the mosquito seasons. Lemon balm plants, catnip plants, marigold plants, basil plants, lavender plants, peppermint plants or mint plants, and garlic plants are all wonderful choices for ensuring that everything from a garden in a park, to a community garden, to a small garden in your front yard or back yard, to a lavish huge private garden remains mosquito-free.

2. Great Places on Your Property to Grow these Gardens

The number one thing to think of with mosquitos is that they are smart. Many people who have been bitten by mosquitos know that always do tend to be bitten on their shins, as well as in areas were the bites of mosquitos have been so sneaky that while you were bitten, you could not swat at them towards their death which would bring you to not need to scratch your skin for a good week after the bite. Making sure that you plant mosquito repellant plants low to the ground is extremely important because this is the primary intuition of a mosquito, bite where they cannot receive swats of death.

Great target areas to plant mosquito-free gardens will tend to be those areas where people tend to either congregate, or pass by, or relax and enjoy the good weather. This would then mean entryways, front and back areas of homes, plus along border lines of a property in order to have a more inviting essence to the environment that will help people to not be bitten by mosquitos.     

3. How to Grow a Mosquito Repellant Garden

Finding the plant seeds for lemon balm plants, catnip plants, marigold plants, basil plants, lavender plants, peppermint plants or mint plants, and garlic plants, is relatively inexpensive and can be widely purchased at flower shops, grocery shops, garden centres, plus even at some hardware stores and home stores.

Once you have taken time to also purchase really any grade of medium quality soil to plant these essential mosquito-fighting plants, watering the plants, making sure they have sufficient sunlight, plus keeping a constant watch and care of the plants is essential to help them grow.

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