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Making Decisions

By Saad Zafar

A lot of times, I get stuck on decisions. It’s not that I’m indecisive. It’s just that the realization that each decision you make — whether big or small — has an impact (either big or small) on the rest of your life. When you’re in your twenties, you tend not to pay attention to that fact.

But when you’re in your thirties and you realize that the place you are at in your (professional or personal) life is the sum total of each and every (major and minor decision) you have ever made in your whole life, you tend to be a bit more cautious. You tend to think a little longer before you make that big decision. Continue reading

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Nick Goodwin Has a Makeshift Curtain - Photo Courtesy of

Nick Goodwin Has a Makeshift Curtain - Photo Courtesy of

By Nick Goodwin

I’m sitting in my house listening to music and lightning. I’m listening to old school hip hop. I really like the “old school” stuff. I can hear it raining a bit in between songs and the lightning is chiming in
whenever it feels like it.

Last night it was extremely hot in the house. It probably did not help that I boiled a pot of water. It was so hot that I got up from my bed in a sweaty haze to try and pry open my uncooperative window. In the heat of the moment I managed to accidentally rip down my makeshift curtain. The window then began giving me trouble. I woke up this morning to a scene of clothes thrown, furniture moved, and a surprising decrease in temperature! I made a huge mess trying to get my window to cooperate. I ended up saying forget it and sleeping through the heat.

I’m starting to develop some personal goals for the future. My nature is ambitious, however, I am really not a goals-oriented individual. I know what I want and I go for it; not always with a plan.

My mother always criticized me for behaving this way. I often find it easier to write the blueprint as you go rather than before you engage in an experience that will have unpredictable occurrences.

I suppose my theory is more relative to short-term planning. I’m starting to think a little more long-term in my potential goals. If I develop some personal long-term goals that will add to my motivation to be a successful freelance artist as well as provide me with some focus.

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Making Decisions

Nick Goodwin Enjoys His Skateboard

Nick Goodwin Enjoys His Skateboard

by Nicholas Goodwin

I hardly make a decision without thorough consideration. The closest I ever get to stopping time is when I spend the afternoon balancing the pros and cons of my latest dilemma.

I do not live by the saying “look before you leap” to the fullest. I do appreciate living in the moment. I enjoy skateboarding through the heart of the city, or, anywhere for that matter.

Like anything, I try to achieve some sort of balance. Sometimes people say “everything in moderation, including moderation”. If this is the case, then I suppose I’m doing okay.

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