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Kirk Verner Writes a Poem - Photo Courtesy of

By Kirk Verner

Timid lips finally spew jargon.
You have less of an accent than expected.
Racing eyes, rarely locking.
Your fear lies in direct eye-contact.

Crossed arms, your knuckles are white again.
You look like a librarian, neat and gentle.
Your wet palm leaves streaks across the shadows on the table.
A chill in the air shall calm you with time.

Check Out the World Digital Library

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Reading for Less

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At the time I was really young, I used to love buying books. I think in some ways I had more money then. I didn’t pay rent and my food was free. Everything is cheaper when you’re a kid, so for those reading, enjoy it while you can.

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Print Your Novel, Cookbook, Family History and More at the Library

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Asquith Press at the Toronto Reference Library is the Latest in Library’s Innovative Services


TORONTOJune 9, 2014 Toronto Public Library’s newest offering is Asquith Press, a book printing service that enables customers to design and print bookstore-quality paperback books. The library is offering information sessionsand classes open to all: from authors and aspiring writers to anyone who would like to create a book for their own personal interest. Novels, cookbooks, family histories, memoirs and how-to guides are just a few examples of books that can now be printed at the library. Read the rest of this entry »

Donna Kakonge’s Books in Your Library

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Hello Librarian:

Please consider purchasing the following books for your library:

1. Title: Young Black Women in Toronto High Schools: Portraits of Family, School and Community Involvement in Determining Goals and Career Aspirations

Author: Dr. Donna Kay Cindy Kakonge, ABD

Publisher: Donna Kay Kakonge, M.A.

ISBN: 9781926734408

Price: $99.99

Acquisition: Please purchase the book through

Summary of Contents: This book is qualitative narrative case studies concerning the career aspirations of young Black females.

Qualifications: Donna Kakonge is an author of 61 books currently in nine libraries and sold online and in bookstores, teacher, PhD Candidate at the University of Toronto, and a law student living in Toronto. She spends her free time reading, writing, playing the piano, grooming as any Leo should and spending time with friends and family. This book is a follow up to the successful How To Talk To Crazy People published in 2012 by Donna. Her website is

Review: Donna Magazine. (2 February 2014). “Donna Magazine,” in Donna Magazine.
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Anti-Social Networking

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Kirk Verner Writes about Anti-Social Networking – Photo Courtesy of

Image result for Anti-Social Networking

By Kirk Verner

How about these social networking sites? How do you feel about them? Aren’t they great? I beg to be different and beg to differ. These mind-numbing social sites are all that people talk about.

“I have over 10,000 friends on MySpace. 3,500 people on Facebook. And, 143 people follow me on Twitter.” Imagine that, close to 14,000 people spying on your mundane daily activities; simply splendid!

“I love to share my personal thoughts with others. Everyone is so interested in me! Popularity rules!” I know how stomach-churning this may sound, but this is the sort of rubbish I have to overhear each and every time I decide to venture out merely to grab a cup of coffee.

I was having some computer issues the other month and was forced to take my laptop in for a slight overhaul. The computer technician said that I would be without my computer for only a few days. I didn’t think that a few days would be a big deal at all…I was wrong.

It did not take long for me to realize how much I missed my computer. I had only been without it for 21 hours when I became as lonely as Bambi. I truly missed my light-weight, digital companion. The way the “enter” button clicks when compressed is exhilarating!

Somewhere in that 21st hour, I decided that I MUST get to a computer and check my email; see, I’m a popular lad, even without Facebook, Myspace, or any of those other social networking sites. So, I needed a computer. Where to go? The only place I could think of that has free internet service was the library; load up the children, off to the library!

The library was basically empty. There was nobody scouring the long bookshelves for the perfect book. There was no one sitting quietly at a work-station, studying, learning, absorbing information. But, every single public computer, ten in total, was occupied. My knee-jerk reaction was to abandon ship and head back home, but I couldn’t leave. I reminded myself that I needed to crawl about the web, so I took a number and a seat and began to wait in my impatient manner.

After about 15 minutes of staring at the dirty carpeted floor, I decided to stretch my legs; I was getting a little eager, angry, and ready to leave. As I slowly moseyed past the ten glowing computer screens and the lethargic, code-blue-like patrons that sat on the stiff wooden seats in front of the screens, I noticed that nine of the ten computers were being wasted by simpletons surfing their way back and forth from social networking sites. All of a sudden I realized I had to get out of there in fear of losing control and raising my voice, in turn, breaking the unwritten rule of all libraries. So, I left. I wanted my own computer back!

I couldn’t believe what I was doing. My cranium became filled with unrest as I paced around like a psychopath, longing for my own computer. I had one email address to check, and this was how I was acting. It made me shake my head for a moment and wonder what it’d be like if I had two, three, or even four emails to check or sites to update. I don’t even have the time or enough patience to cook tomato soup.

Needless to say, I did get my laptop back within a few days. I was finally happy again. No more painfully, annoying trips to the library; back to the simple pleasure that only my “enter” button can deliver to me when struck. I hadn’t checked my email in three whole days. I figured there must be close to 50 emails waiting to be read in my Hotmail inbox…I was wrong again. I had four emails. Two of which were junk mail. So, much for Mr. Popular.

I don’t want to sound like a full-blown curmudgeon, especially at my young age, but I know that I am not the only anti-social networking human out there. Please people, just like masturbation and drug abuse, leave your social networking at home. Be a narcissist, and pat your own back in private.

The Wonderful Things About the Toronto Public Library

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Libraries - November 2, 2009

Libraries - November 2, 2009

I have discovered the glories of the Toronto Public Library thanks to my sister.

I have been able to expand my musical tastes by borrowing CDs, as well as read some of the most interesting and intriguing books thanks to the Toronto Public Library. If I had only really understood the power of the library when I was doing my graduate work at Concordia University in Montreal, I would have saved a lot of money on buying books. Of course, there are always books you want to own and I do not regret all of the books I have bought.

Not only is the TPL good for getting books, CDs, ebooks, and videos, it is also good for exploring the city of Toronto for free. On Sunday, I went to the Textile Museum thanks to the MAPs that the TPL give out. I have also been to the Bata Shoe Museum, as well as the AGO thanks to these MAPs. These MAPs are free passes to enter the museums and art galleries with two adults and I believe about two children. They currently have some that expire on December 31st. It is a great way to spend some affordable and quality time with friends and family.

During my visits to some of these galleries and museums, I have also rediscovered my own interest in art. I have bought oil pastels that I used to create a nature scene picture, as well as a tabletop easel on a different occasion and canvas. Now, I am inspired to have most of the artwork in my living room be my own.

The Toronto Public Library is fantastic and I hope you discover your local one, or the reference one today. Keep in mind that the libraries on the college and university campuses are also fantastic too.

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