Binary Groove – Gemini Nominated in 1995

This educational pilot computer show called “Binary Groove” aired in 1995 and was nominated for a Gemini Award. Enjoy the show and for more education stories, check out my book The Education Generation. As well, you would also be interested in Journalism Stories Collection. Both can be bought, plus many other books at:

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Dim sum for the Murmur Project aired on CBC Radio 3

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Murmur Project

Dim Sum & Friends

“Every time I see you falling, I get down on my knees and pray.”

The techno-rhythms and words of New Order blared in Sharon’s car as six teenagers were squeezed inside. We were going down to Kensington Market as part of our late 80’s ritual, coming from “Asiancourt.” Continue reading “Dim sum for the Murmur Project aired on CBC Radio 3”

The Best of Donna Magazine to be Published Soon

There are now more than 400 posts on Donna Magazine. Updated from Journalism Stories Collection, The Best of Donna Magazine will incorporate the publisher’s personal favourites from this online magazine in a hardcover, paperback and ebook format that you can take with you anywhere such as any magazine you would  find off the racks. Look out for it coming soon to be sold at: