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MEDIA: May 6, Int’l No Diet Day! SAY NO TO FAT-SHAMING Celebrate w BodyConfidenceAwards, FatinTheCity & The519

May 6, 2015, 7-10pm is International No Diet Day!  TORONTO, ON
Come to the FATshionraiser: FAT IS A FEMINIST ISSUE inside The519 (519 Church Street LGBT Community Centre) FREE EVENT.  Come celebrate Body Acceptance! Say NO to FAT-SHAMING. Celebrities are embracing their curves so why shouldn’t we!
Join the Body Confidence Canada Awards (BCCAs), Fat in The City Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers, and the519 @ 519 Church Street (Wellesley & Yonge) for a celebration of NO DIETING & SIZE ACCEPTANCE!   We’ve got singers, comedians, plus size BURLESQUE performances, a documentary screening and a pop-up CURVY CATWALK where everyday people will be strutting their stuff. Come listen to Toronto people standing tall on our SOAPBOX (yes you read correctly…an actual soap box) chiming in on the theme FAT IS A FEMINIST ISSUE on their experiences of living in what society calls a fat, plus, curvy, voluptuous body! And if all that isn’t enough (then you’re pretty hard to please!)we’ve got PHOTO BOOTHS for you to capture memories of what will be one big fat fabulous fiesta!
WHERE: 519 Church Street
WHEN:  MAY 6 Int’l No Diet Day (7-10pm)
WHO:   Body Confidence Canada Awards, Fat in The City Lifestyle Fashion Blog & The 519
The Annual Body Confidence Canada Awards (BCCAs) recognizes champions of body confidence, body positivity, and body diversity in Canada. Nominate someone today! Deadline: JULY 1, 2015

FatinTheCity (FITC) is a plus fashion and lifestyle blog

The 519 is the hub of community life in Toronto’s diverse Church and Wellesley Village

416-540-6659 | 647-286-1590
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Donna Magazine TV on Looking for Guests

Want a chance to promote what you do? Want a chance to tell a worldwide audience about yourself? If you live in Toronto and would like to be a guest on the show, please contact Donna Kakonge at: The first show is on July 5, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. at the studios. If you live outside of Toronto and would like to be on the show via Skype, that can be arranged. Again, please contact Donna Kakonge at:

Looking forward to hearing from you! We’ll have three guests per one hour show. Each guest gets 20 minutes of talk time. We have Storyteller Phyllis Walker, 40+ years veteran journalist, mentor and coach Robert Payne who still makes time to play hockey and Aggrey Chepkwony Sambray, author of Tales Told by the Son of Kenya on July 5, 2014. We have Food Scientist, Irish Expat Expert and Author Dr. Jennylynd James with her follow up book to Escape from Eire, Goodbye Frying Pan Hello Fire planned for the second show on July 12, 2014, as well as Expert Self-Published Author and Traditionally Published Author, Teacher and Speaker Nina Munteanu, Author Ira Nayman and Author Elizabeth Hirst. There will be three shows so far. Another show starts up September 6, 2014 live at 12:00 p.m. with a great New Age meets Heavy Metal band called Peace of Night. Join in the fun and get a chance to promote what you do! There is also space for group interviews as well! The show is sponsored by Donna Kay Kakonge, MA, ABD.

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NFB The Colour of Beauty

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Image result for Multicultural women

Office National du Film – National Film Board

The NFB Mediatheque, in partnership with
the BITE ME! Toronto International Body Image Film & Arts Festival

THE BODY SERIES: The Colour of Beauty

Thursday, January 27 at 5:30 PM
NFB CINEMA – 150 John St.


This workshop explores the commercialization of beauty: how it gets marketed, what the industry norms are, who decides, and finally who has the power to change it. The session includes a screening of The Colour of Beauty, a short documentary by Elizabeth St. Philip (Breakin’ In The Making of a Hip-Hop Dancer), followed by a discussion with the filmmaker.

The discussion will be led by Jill Andrew, Director of the BITE ME! Toronto International Body Image Film & Arts Festival (2010 Festival & Youthzone Founding Media Sponsor: Canwest)

This event is supported by TDSB Equitable & Inclusive Schools, Student Equity Program Advisors.

Light refreshments will be served.

Please RSVP by calling 416-973-3012, as space is limited.

The next installment of the series will be held Feb. 24.

Find the NFB Mediatheque on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare! Sign up for the new NFB Mediatheque newsletter by email here.

NFB MEDIATHEQUE | 150 John St., Toronto | 416-973-3012 |

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BITE ME Film Festival – Donna Kakonge on Panel for Sunday

The BITE ME Film Festival Starts Today – Photo Courtesy of

Jill Andrew - July 16, 2010

By Jill Andrew


BITE ME! Toronto International Body Image Film & Arts Festival, July 16-18, 2010

July 16, 6:00-10:00p.m. Launch Party Invites ONLY at XEXE Gallery 624 Richmond St. W.
MEDIA WELCOME TO ATTEND FOR INTERVIEW/PHOTO. Contact Jill Andrew, Festival Director for accreditation.

July 17-18 Film Screenings, TalkBacks at National Film Board Toronto Mediatheque
150 John Street, Toronto, ON M5V 3C3

Saturday Screenings & Talks: 4:30-10:00p.m.
Sunday Screenings & Talks: 12:00-5:00p.m.

Cost: All Access 2-day Festival Pass $20.00 (transferable pass)

Saturday only: $15.00 Flat Rate (transferable on that day only)
Sunday only: $15.00 Flat Rate (transferable on that day only)
Tickets available: ONLINE (PAYPAL) and NFB (site purchase option will be up by July 5)

Festival Director Quotes:

“BITE ME! Film & Arts Fest explores issues of body image, media (re) presentation, identity, survival and our advocacy as active media citizens and social beings through creative mediums.” –Jill Andrew, Ph.D.(c.), Festival Director

“BITE ME! Film & Arts Fest wants to expand the definition of body image…it’s not just about weight or thinness. We are unpacking how issues of the race of sexual and gender identity, of age, of the health of disability…how all of our social identities wrap themselves into our bodies and how we and others perceive it.” –Jill Andrew, Ph.D.(c.), Festival Director.

“I named the festival “BITE ME!” not because I want folks to run around biting each other(other than the kinky folk who get consent to nibble of course!) BITE ME! is a way of talking back to the media, to stereotypical, rigid and stifling gender stereotypes, to social ideals of ‘perfection’ to colourism/shadeism….to homophobia… to fat hatred…to ableism…to all those labels that try to define us external to who we truly are. BITE ME! essentially says ‘F you’ to all of that and more and inspires us to be fabulous and fierce on our own terms.”–Jill Andrew, Ph.D.(c.), Festival Director

Jill’s favourite quote…most applicable to this festival: “If you don’t define yourself for yourself you’ll be crunched into other people’s fantasies for you and eaten alive.”– the late Audre Lorde, Black Queer Lesbian Poet, Essayist, Feminist and Civil Rights Activist

Film Screening Schedule (please click on links below to access more information about FILMS, Photos, Filmmaker contacts etc.)

Saturday July 17, 2010, 4:30-10:00p.m. National Film Board

1. Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Women (2010), 4:30-5:20p.m.
Jean Kilbourne, Media Education Foundation
Jean explores oversexualized images of girls and women and how these can lead to a climate that glorifies as validates violence against women.

2.The Story of Furious Pete (2010), 5:30-7:00p.m.
George Tsioutsioulas, Igal Hecht, G.I. Productions
Furious Pete is the story of a young man who battled anorexia at the age of 16 at Toronto Hospital for Sick Kids and is now a world-renowned competitive eater. Agree or disagree on this as a success story? Come see the film and attend the talkback discussion following it.

7:00-7:45p.m. Discussion: Killing Us… & Furious Pete

3. Ebony Chunky Love, B*itch Can’t Get a Date! (2006), 8:00-9:10p.m.
Lonnie Tristan Renteria
Keith Prince takes us into his life a Black gay male and talks about his struggles with family, his weight and finding a date. Ebony Chunky Love explores gay masculinity and how it informs his profession as a comedian and well-known radio host. Enjoy the talkback afterward too.;;

9:10- 9:35 p.m. Discussion: Ebony Chunky Love

4. Body Typed: 3 Short Films on Media & Physical Perfection
The Guarantee; 34x25x36 (2008), 9:40-10:00p.m.
Jesse Epstein
Ever wonder how mannequins are made and why they all look the same? Find out here.
You’ll also learn about an Italian dancer who thinks his “Italian” nose may keep him from getting dancing gigs.


Sunday July 18, 2010, 12:00-5:00p.m. National Film Board

1. A Question of Beauty (2010), 12:00p.m.-1:30p.m.
Colleen Furlotte
So what is beauty? Colleen and about 20 other women try to answer this question in this inter generational piece. Where do our thoughts on beauty come from? How beautiful are our hands? There are a million questions on beauty and this answers quite a few!

2. 65_REDROSES (2006), 1:40p.m.-2:50p.m.
Nimisha Mukerji, Philip Lyall
Chronicles a young woman’s journey with her body as she deals with Cystic Fibrosis and waits for her pager to ring (meaning its time for her lung transplant). Sadly, Eva took her last breath in March of 2010 waiting for her second pair of lungs but the legacy she leaves regarding organ donation is forever.

3. Dreams Deferred: The Sakia Gunn Film Project (2006), 3:00p.m.-3:55p.m.
Chas Brack
15 year old Sakia Gunn, an African-American girl in Newark was stabbed and killed simply because she was a lesbian, proud of it and didn’t accept the sexual advances of a man who couldn’t take no for an answer. While the media didn’t pay attention, this doc chronicles the hundreds of activist who did. Sakia’s story lives on.

4. Colour of Beauty (2010), 4:00p.m.-4:20p.m.
Elizabeth St. Philip
Ever wonder if there is RACISM in the fashion industry? Hear Torontonians from FLARE, Fashion Television and models of colour speak out on the issue. Talk back after film.

4:20p.m.-4:40p.m. Discussion: Colour of Beauty

5. Avec Elle (2009) (with English Subtitles), 4:45p.m.-4:55p.m.
Sophie Richer
Two women meet each other and the connection is immediate… but as with many relationships…you can’t always judge the book by its cover.

Festival Closing Party
Sunday July 18, 6-8p.m. Location: TBA

For More Information, Interviews and Media Accreditation Contact:

Jill Andrew, Festival Director
(site coming soon)
Toronto, ON Canada’


Jill Andrew is an award-winning journalist and currently pens the “Last Word” lifestyles/commentary column in the t.o. night newspaper.She is the producer of Curvy Catwalk Fashion Fundraiser, Dining with Dames Leadership Program and the emerging BITE ME! Toronto International Body Image Film/Arts Festival. Jill also facilitates BITE ME! Monologues: Precious Bodies, Priceless Minds–a body image writing/acting retreat. Jill speaks regularly on women’s empowerment such as workplace equity, self esteem, media and female representation and personal development and has appeared on City TV, OMNI, CTV, ET Canada, CBC with print in Metro, Toronto Star, NOW, Vervegirl etc.

Jill was both the national Michele Landsberg Media Activism Award and the Endless Possibilities African-Canadian Women’s Awards recipient. Jill has a masters degree in women & gender studies from UFT and is currently pursuing her PhD in Education at York U. Jill is fascinated with cats, speaking to strangers on the TTC to kill time and plans to host a lifestyle/community television talk show.

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