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Donna Magazine Writing Services

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Donna Magazine Writing Services

Donna Magazine Writing Services caters writing services at an affordable price to the following goods and services:

Documents for: Any subject, industry or governmental purposes. I have knowledge of a variety of style guides and can write the document according to your needs. Also, resumes, cover letters, personal statements for universities and typing services available.

Delivered for your deadline from Receipt of Order.

Only Sent Electronically.

$9.00 USD per page.

Discounts available for this option of 10% each day late if order volume is full and documents are late

Call for Nominations for The Robert Johnston WorkInCulture Award

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September 17, 2012
WorkInCulture is pleased and excited to announce a call for nominations for The Robert Johnston WorkInCulture Award. This award will be presented to an individual who has demonstrated a tenacious commitment to furthering human resources development in the cultural sector in Ontario. Either as a manager, mentor, supporter or educator, the recipient has made a deliberate and fruitful contribution to supporting the growth of our most valued resource: people. The Award is named in honour of Robert Johnston, whose longtime service in the cultural sector as former Executive Director of Cultural Careers Council Ontario (WorkInCulture) and former General Director of The National Ballet of Canada (from 1979 to 1987) stands as a model of professionalism for cultural workers of all disciplines. The  inaugural award was presented to Patricia Fraser, Artistic Director of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre in November 2010.The Award is open to individuals (artists and administrators) who have contributed a minimum of 10 years of professional service to the arts and cultural industries. The Award will be presented at the WorkInCulture Annual General Meeting on November 14th. Read the rest of this entry », the first online service enabling employers to share human resources, launches in Canada

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Employers manage fluctuating staffing needs economically with innovative new website

January 25, 2011 @ 08:30AM

TORONTO –, a new web-based business, provides employers with a unique platform for cost-effectively sharing employees directly with each other. The first online service of its kind, allows companies to reduce overhead costs during idle time by temporarily or permanently sharing employees with other member companies. Conversely, allows employers to find experienced people when they need additional part-time or full-time staff.

“By connecting businesses directly together, provides an effective solution for solving employment cycle issues within all industries,” says founder Hannah McKinnon.

With more than 15 years experience in the recruitment industry, McKinnon knows first-hand the problems and costs businesses face trying to fill a vacancy with a qualified candidate. Equally, she understands the difficulties involved when layoffs occur.

“ is a long-awaited staffing tool that perfectly meets our needs,” says Tom Gosling, CEO of Gosco Valves,, a world leader in severe service ball valve manufacturing, known for high performing engineered designs and fast lead times. Gosco has experienced a rapid rate of growth within the last year which required the addition of several more high-quality workers to fulfill immediate orders. “With the ability to borrow skilled and qualified workers to fill immediate openings, we are in a much better position to manage our incredible rate of growth. will allow us to keep up with the increased demand for our valves and deliver the product on schedule.”

For a $250 US annual subscription fee, employers can use in various ways:

* If a company is suddenly overstaffed because of a project delay, they can use to connect with another company experiencing a temporary worker shortage due to vacation schedules, for example. The two companies solve their staffing issues by lending or borrowing well-qualified employees on a short-term basis.
* A business that must downsize can find other member companies looking to permanently hire talented staff.
* If a company needs to reduce a full-time employee to part-time, it can enter the individual’s qualifications on and connect with another company needing a part-time employee – resulting in the employee working for both firms.


A Canadian-based company, has created an online business community enabling members to temporarily or permanently transfer employees among other members.The company is unique because it is the only platform that enables employers to lend out staff to, and find referred staff from, other members, thereby either reducing overhead costs during idle time or meeting demands during peak periods, while also helping employees find new temporary or permanent opportunities. Visit for more information.

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