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Home Renovation Tips – Photo Courtesy of Gail Bergman PR

If you’re considering your own home renovation project this spring, Renovantage™ Inc. offers some suggestions to help you get started:

· Do your research. Before you begin your renovation, be sure to verify local zoning laws. For example, you may be prohibited from the building if your addition will cast a shadow on your neighbour’s house or if it changes the skyline. It’s also important to examine potential consequences of your project, such as the need to reinforce an existing foundation.

· Ask, ask and ask again. When embarking on a home improvement project, it’s important to ask the right questions of your contractor to alleviate your concerns. Good questions include: What trades are you licensed to perform? Will you use your own crew for this work or will you subcontract? Do you carry workers’ compensation and liability insurance? How many jobs does your company have in progress right now?

· Consider the need to upgrade. Keep in mind that when you’re adding square footage to your home, you may need to upgrade your existing electrical and plumbing services, as well as your furnace or water tank.

· Account for your costs. In addition to the initial planning costs required to create your design, you may also need to pay for the services of a structural engineer – particularly if you intend to knock down an exterior wall. Post-project costs may include landscaping, extra floorings, window coverings and possibly new furniture.

· Be prepared to relocate. Sometimes it’s impossible to live in your home while renovations are underway, particularly if an existing roof needs to be removed. Consider where you might be able to stay and how much of your budget can be allocated to alternate accommodations if necessary.

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