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World Powerful English Lesson in Toronto – Airbnb Experience

In a fun class held at Faema Caffé restaurant in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada, we will spend time for you to practice your English skills, plus have the opportunity to listen to a native English-speaker. The restaurant atmosphere is quiet and perfect for a one-on-one opportunity to improve your English in order to fully enjoy your stay while you are in Toronto, Canada which tends to be predominantly English-speaking. You may want to take this class along with other English-language programs in Toronto, in order to have the opportunity to experience your own private English tutor with the enjoyment in a restaurant where you can also order food and have time for breaks. There is a lot of vocabulary to learn with many suggestions that will be provided for improving your English through easy and affordable homework suggestions associated with media, songs, books from the library, going to English-speaking parties, shopping in English, social media in English, apps in English, and making English-speaking friends in both written and spoken English. This experience will be the same for each of the participants who take the experience class.

For more information, check out this link and book today!

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World Beauty – The Toronto Style Guide Hosted by Donna Kakonge with Airbnb Experiences and Donna Magazine – Online and In-Person


In a fun and light-hearted conversation focusing on the best elements of natural beauty, this one-hour workshop will educate you on all of the natural methods to obtain your best self, as well as great Toronto retailers who can help you to achieve the beauty standards the higher levels of beauty standards that you desire. With a mix of natural ways to reduce the grey in your hair, plus great ways that are inexpensive to reduce your visits to the dentist, maximizing the growth cycles of your hair and/or suggestions of fantastic hairstylists, barbers, and hairdressers in Toronto, plus some of the best ways to either save money on clothing and/or buy from some of the most fabulous Canadian designers you will ever discover – this workshop is fun! From natural makeup tips to comfortable shoes that still look good, to natural ways of colouring your hair that will not damage it, to some of the best weave masters if this is your choice, and people who can braid your hair with or without extensions to coif your crown perfectly, you will have fun dressing yourself in your own self-love with the instructor’s helpful advice.

Worldwide Image and Health Consultations with Airbnb Experiences.
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Worldwide Legal Answers Hosted by Donna Kakonge LLB with Airbnb Experiences and Donna Magazine (Online and In-Person)

This class provides the participants with the opportunity to ask legal questions and to receive legal answers based on the laws, rules, and regulations that pertain to the City of Toronto, Province of Ontario, as well as the country of Canada, and the world. This class is open to people from all over the world, with the instructor having knowledge of international laws, as well. For the price of the course, five questions or more will be answered pertaining to the legal situations you would like assistance with. This legal answering class is not meant to substitute advice from a lawyer, rather help you to make a more affordable choice in case you would need to seek the advice of a licensed lawyer in your area. The class also offers the opportunity for those people who are interested in entering the field of law or the legal field to network.
Here are some examples of questions you may have that I can help you with to reduce legal fees:
Can I file chapter 13 bankruptcy again if I filed in 2013? Live in Washington state. Bankruptcy was discharged? I am in removal. Can I get an emergency travel parole? While playing golf hit another golfer accidentally in the back of the head with a golf ball on my drive. He has forwarded over $2,000 in medical bills to me. What is my legal obligation regarding this?<brYou may have many more questions such as this that I can help you with.

Worldwide Legal Answers with Airbnb Experiences.
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World Literary Nonfiction Writing Daily Workshops in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with Airbnb Experiences and Donna Magazine (Online and In-Person) Hosted by Author Donna Kakonge


People interested in writing a book and publishing it, or blogs offered in a variety of genres, have the opportunity to learn more about what creative non-fiction and literary nonfiction is about. The participants involved with the workshop can ask questions or more about writing and find out the answers to how they can improve their own writing or their manuscript to publish it traditionally or self-publish. The realities of the world of writing are also questions that will be answered, with an emphasis on the financial realities of the average writer, and also, for those seeking to be either full-time and/or part-time writers, what they can realistically earn from the craft and the art of writing. Questions around grants and awards will be answered, plus ways of branching out writing skills to not only various legitimate industries, but also into various legitimate genres such as travel writing, hospitality writing, social media profile writing, adventure writing, and writing about your home country for government and travel purposes or corporate travel purposes, plus for personal use, heritage and ancestry discovery, educational purposes, entertainment purposes, writing screenplays and for television and radio, etc. Networking is included and to gain knowledge of Canadian writers. Tips on good reads at the Toronto Public Library are included. We can meet a Faema Caffé and it includes social media and profile networking writing as well.

World Literary Nonfiction Writing with Airbnb Experiences.
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