Chapter Four of How to Write Creative Non-fiction

Hello and welcome to chapter four on creative non-fiction ethics, legal issue, and other important stuff. The last part may seem vague, but just hang in there and you'll be pleasantly surprised. This is that black and white area where if you choose to only keep your lies "white," then you will be in the … Continue reading Chapter Four of How to Write Creative Non-fiction

Funded by the Ontario Arts Council and a follow up to How To Talk To Crazy People = Seven, Delete by Donna Kay Cindy Kakonge Now Available on Amazon and on in English and French and also in Paperback and in Audio in French on Amazon’s Audible and iTunes

Excerpt: FAMILY. We get along. Helps not to be fucking crazy anymore, Amen, thank you, God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, the Cow, the Jains, the Sikhs, the Animists, the Atheists even (the latter still does believe in something my father even told me that as a child), and anyone I left out.  

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