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World Powerful English Lesson in Toronto – Airbnb Experience

In a fun class held at Faema Caffé restaurant in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada, we will spend time for you to practice your English skills, plus have the opportunity to listen to a native English-speaker. The restaurant atmosphere is quiet and perfect for a one-on-one opportunity to improve your English in order to fully enjoy your stay while you are in Toronto, Canada which tends to be predominantly English-speaking. You may want to take this class along with other English-language programs in Toronto, in order to have the opportunity to experience your own private English tutor with the enjoyment in a restaurant where you can also order food and have time for breaks. There is a lot of vocabulary to learn with many suggestions that will be provided for improving your English through easy and affordable homework suggestions associated with media, songs, books from the library, going to English-speaking parties, shopping in English, social media in English, apps in English, and making English-speaking friends in both written and spoken English. This experience will be the same for each of the participants who take the experience class.

For more information, check out this link and book today!

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Michael Jackson “Thriller”

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Michael Jackson “Thriller”

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French Lesson 1

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Home Daycare Provider for Children – Upper Annex Area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada


My name is Dr. Donna Kay Cindy Kakonge, BJ, MA, TESOL, LLB, EdD and 48 years old. I am offering home daycare for three school-age children in the Upper Annex area of downtown Toronto. I have a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Security clearance which is the highest level of security clearance that anyone can receive within Canadian country borders. I can present proof of it upon request to the parents/guardians. I will include photos of my home where the living room area has now been cleared a bit in order to accommodate a play area. Currently, the home is vermin-free with many parks in the area. I can offer these services seven-days a week with a maximum morning hour just to walk your child to school at your request, as well as evening hours up until 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time. If you require care for an infant or toddler, the opening hours of the home daycare are 7:00 a.m. The same for children over 3 years old and school-age children, 7:00 a.m.

Food is included, however, you must provide either lunch money and dinner money, or a packed lunch and a packed dinner. Breakfast is included.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Photo Gallery of Home Daycare

The Baldwin piano that children can use. There are also African sitting stools that young children can sit on.
The living room where children can draw, paint, use PlayDo, knit, crochet, and enjoy their computer games, plus take time for snacks and eating.
The play area has lots of light on a sunny day.
A little room for running safely :-).
The kitchen where only I am allowed unless serving plates or cups not too hot.
Another play and resting area, also with children’s books. This can also be re-arranged in the living room shown previously.
The bathroom with a brand new toilet seat that will be changed regularly.

If you have any questions or are interested, please do email me at:

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12 Year Anniversary of Donna Magazine is Today! Thank You, Viewers, for Your Support!

Please donate $7.00 USD if you think Donna Magazine is great! Thank you in advance.

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12 Year Anniversary of Donna Magazine is Today! Thank You, Viewers, for Your Support!

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Tips to Help Both Old and New Business Owners

Would you like to contribute to offering advice and starting a discussion about owning your own business?

If the answer is yes..keep reading, and get ready to contribute and write!

You can register right here for the discussion!

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Human Organ Trafficking: A Report

Meet me in person here:

You can also book online on this magazine for the same workshop above.

Meet me in person here:

You can also book online on this magazine for the same session above.

Meet me in person here:

You can also book online on this magazine for the same session above.


            It’s 2009. A baby is born in the United Kingdom without a heart and sure to die at the point of death. The baby’s parents are frantic. The parents are older, in their mid-40s, and they had been trying to conceive a child for the last fifteen years and this baby girl was their last chance for sure. They are a loving couple that has all of the financial resources to give to a child, plus their strong bond of love within their relationship.

            The chief doctor on staff at the hospital in London, England, suggests that they can receive a heart from the Philippines in order to save the child’s life.

            Moving over to the Philippines…the chief doctor has texted a head hunter in the Philippines who knows that his job is to find a healthy heart quickly. The head hunter goes to the closest exercise gym and waits for a young girl to come out who looks as though she has a healthy heart.

            The head hunter kills the Filipino girl, cuts out her heart, and it is then transported by illegal flight methods to London, England within that day in order to save the life of the baby girl in London, England.

            The chief doctor performs the surgery on the baby girl that night at midnight, moving into the second day of the baby girl’s life, and the baby girl is now ten years old today and healthy.

            The secret of how the girl lived without being born with a heart is simply concealed by the chief doctor that there was a donor, based on legal means, that helped to keep the baby girl alive, as well, the parents of the baby girl did not know anything in 2009 when their child was born, nor even today, nor will ever know, what, why, who, and how, or even when, and how legally grievous the situation that had occurred in order to keep their child alive.

            The legal violations of laws in the scenario above are with the Human Tissue Act 2004, the Human Transplantation (Wales) Act 2013, and the Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Bill. There will be a focus on India, Pakistan, and the Philippines as primary targets of human organ trafficking, as well as worldview encompassing Spain, Iran, and other areas of the Middle East as additional targets for human organ trafficking.

There will also be a discussion in this paper of the global seriousness of human organ transplant tourism, as well as human organ trafficking. The criminal element of human organ trafficking, as well as the laws in which it violates, will also be discussed.

Moral and legal issues associated with organ donation, human organ trafficking, as well as transplant tourism will also be discussed in this paper. There will also be the inclusion of a discussion on good way to solve or at least address the supply and the demand for human organ trafficking, as well as the cultural complications surrounding human organ trafficking.

Human Tissue Act 2004

            The Human Tissue Act of 2004clearly is delegated by parliament in the United Kingdom and applies to Wales, Northern Ireland, as well as England. The Human Tissue Authority for the United Kingdom helps to delegate the applicable laws and legal code of The Human Tissue Act.

            The Human Tissue Act of 2004 clearly outlines the legal rules and legal regulations of how to clean a dead body, handle human tissue of a corpse, as well as the proper and legal means of disposal of a corpse, as well as the human tissue that is involved with the dead body of humans. It is citation 30 of The Human Tissue Act of 2004 that is applicable to the complications that could be created with human organ trafficking, Human Tissue Act 2004 (c 30).

Human Transplantation (Wales) Act 2013

            This Act is applicable to the region of the United Kingdom of Wales. The Act was created and is administrated by the National Assembly of Wales.

A strong example of how The Human Transplantation (Wales) Act 2013law works is that when people first receive their driver’s licence in Wales, and they are making the decision of whether or not they would want to donate organs in the case of a motor vehicle accident to someone else in order to save their lives by legal means, rather than any other method such as human organ trafficking, any person in Wales can legally decide that they do not want to donate their organs in the case of a fatal motor vehicle accident and/or they can also decide to donate their organs in the case of a fatal motor vehicle accident.

The Human Transplantation (Wales) Act 2013 clearly states that the express wishes of anyone who opt-outs of donating their organs, as long as they are of sound mind and body and can legally make decisions for themselves, their wishes and their choices must be honoured or it would be a violation of the law that would be deemed legally punishable.

Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Bill

                Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Bill is now into its third reading towards administration within the United Kingdom parliament. The third reading of this legislation took place on Tuesday, February 26, 2019.

Further to The Human Tissue Act of 2004the Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Bill is legislation that focuses on the prevention of human organ trafficking within the United Kingdom by strongly creating legislation for the need for consent in terms of organ donation.

The following is a chart of some of the essentials of the three aspects of legislation by the United Kingdom parliament in order to prevent human organ trafficking:

Name of Legislation Locations within the United Kingdom legislation applies to Purpose of legislation
The Human Tissue Act of 2004 Wales, Northern Ireland, as well as England How to clean a dead body, handle human tissue of a corpse, as well as the proper and legal means of disposal of a corpse, as well as the human tissue that is involved with the dead body of humans.
The Human Transplantation (Wales) Act 2013 Wales The express wishes of anyone who opt-outs of donating their organs, as long as they are of sound mind and body and can legally make decisions for themselves, their wishes and their choices must be honoured. The Human Tissue Act of 2004.
Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Bill United Kingdom Prevention of human organ trafficking.  

Human Organ Trafficking in India

                The United Kingdom is making strong efforts to crack down on human organ trafficking, in particular since these regions of the world are huge international perpetrators of human organ trafficking. The United Kingdom is one of the top human organ trafficking violators in the entire world.

            Places such as Philippines which was mentioned in the introduction, as well as India which will be discussed now, are huge targets as places where victims that are suspecting, as well as healthy, are killed by head hunters in order to use their human organs to save the lives of people in such places as the United Kingdom.

            Healthy Indian people, that are also poor, are stalked by head hunters as soon as they receive their texts from healthcare white-collar criminal professionals in the United Kingdom and the moment the head hunter that simply lives in places such as India for the sole purposes of killing Indians for their human organs and receiving large sums of hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to do this illegal work, also work with the illegal transporters of small planes that send the chopped up body parts that are required, the organs, to the United Kingdom, and the operations are done by healthcare professionals in order to save the lives of people in the United Kingdom.

Human Organ Trafficking in Pakistan

                The same situation that takes place in India also occurs in Pakistan. There have been millions of “unsolved murders” of Pakistanis that are created and are caused by these head hunters that kill Pakistani people just for their human organs in order to save the lives of people in the United Kingdom, leaving the police force in Pakistan at all levels of government, from the provinces, to the federal level, to the local levels searching to find out who have killed their people, yet, many of the police officials in Pakistan, do know that there are hidden head hunters that are the murderers of their people for the crime of human organ trafficking.

Human Organ Trafficking in Spain

            Unfortunately, the same human organ trafficking also occurs in Spain.

            In places such as Spain, many times the head hunters, the murderers, the killers, will be Spanish people themselves, who will lure a young girl, sometimes they are even as young as thirteen years old, fourteen years old, fifteen years old, who are in admiration of a truly older man who happens to look much younger for his age and lies to the little girl and tells her that he is under the age of eighteen years old.

            The young man, who is actually under the age of thirty years old and wants to have lots of money, be a millionaire in Europe and does not care how he receives the money to do this, rapes and kills the little girl, many little girls actually, the young man is actually a serial killer, and then chops up the body parts, and sends them to the United Kingdom.

Human Organ Trafficking in Iran

                In Iran, also known as Persia, the same human organ trafficking also takes place. The differences from the human organ trafficking in places such as Iran, in comparison to other places such as the Philippines, India, Pakistan, and Spain which have been previously mentioned, is because of the Islamic culture in Iran, the primary target for the head hunters who kill Persians for the sake of their human organs, are the men due to the cultural sacredness of the female body in Islamic culture.

            There are many occurrences within Iran, where the killers of the Persian men, are gay men, and they will also rape the victims, and chop up their body parts for the sake of human organ trafficking, and wrap, seal, and send the body parts to the United Kingdom, as they the

Global Human Organ Trafficking

            On the global human organ trafficking scale, countries within Africa, China, Singapore, Thailand, Russia, Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, and a number of other countries have lost millions of people over the past decade, including those countries previously mentioned such as the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Spain, and Iran, to head hunters that will many times rape and kill, steal the belongings of people that did not have anything to begin with in terms of monetary gain, chop up their body parts on the dead corpse that they created, and package the human organs to send them to the United Kingdom in order to save the lives of people in life-and-death situations who are living in the United Kingdom who need human organs that they cannot receive by legal methods.

The Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Bill, the latter which is in its third reading, is vital legislation to apply legal the laws that are created within the United Kingdom such as The Human Tissue Act 2004, The Human Transplantation (Wales) Act 2013, and the Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) punishment to the participants of the human organ trafficking trade that occurs globally and also affects the United Kingdom as illegal human organs are created by murder, plus transported into the United Kingdom also by illegal means.

Transplant Tourism and Human Organ Trafficking

                Transplant tourism and human organ trafficking occurs when people from the United Kingdom, which is the focus of this paper, however, places such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other First World countries with wealth around the world, go to places such as Serbia, Croatia, Russia, China, countries in Africa, Spain, South America, Pakistan, India, Iran, as well as the Philippines, and many other so-called Third World countries in order to target poor people, people without money, to have head hunters murder them for their human organs and to conduct their secret surgeries within the Third World countries, with First World doctors who are focused on this transplant tourism and human organ trafficking market, so that the First World people, people from the United Kingdom as the example for this purposes of this paper, can cure diseases, as well as save their lives essentially.

Criminal Element of Human Organ Trafficking

                The criminal element of human organ trafficking is catastrophic. Not only is human organ trafficking an international human rights violations issue on a large scale, a violation of the rights of poor people to live free from murder and their bodies not be deemed as available human organs for the rich of the First World, within the United Kingdom the laws in which are violated are The Human Tissue Act 2004 (c 30), The Human Transplantation (Wales) Act 2013, and The Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Bill, which are the laws that are specifically applicable to human organ trafficking within the United Kingdom.

How to Solve the Situation of Human Organ Trafficking

            Unfortunately, the developments in medical care in order to prolong the lives of human beings, of course, is a remarkable thing, however, when it pertains to the issue of human organ trafficking, it is a disastrous violation of United Kingdom legislation.

            The solution truly is to create an international law enforcement body that not only focuses on human organ trafficking, but also on human trafficking in general because even those people, including men in the world, that are bought and sold into sexual slavery are also often killed once their uses for the purposes of illegal and impermissible sexual relations with the purchasers of human bodies for these purposes are killed for the uses of their human organs once their bodies can no longer be used for sex slavery purposes. Human trafficking, in general, is linked to human organ trafficking and there needs to be a dedicated international police force that is committed to eradicating this grievous crime which is clear violations of the laws set out by the United Kingdom in order to prevent human organ trafficking.

There also need to be harsher punishments for those head hunters and pilots of the planes, plus medical white-collar crime professionals that participate in transplant tourism, as well as human organ trafficking.


            The family of the dead Filipino girl that died in 2009 so that a baby could live that was born without a heart in the United Kingdom has not ever recovered from what to them, is the mysterious murder of their daughter, their sister, their cousin, their niece, their grandchild, their family, their classmate.

            The little Filipino girl was a great student in school and wanted to grow up to become a medical doctor. Little did she know, it was in the name of medicine, that she was murdered?

            The little Filipino girl died more because she was innocent, in a dangerous place at a dangerous time, poor and could not defend herself, and did not know the ways of wicked people of the world that would kill her for doing no wrong, other than having a healthy body where her organs could help to prolong the life of someone within the United Kingdom.

            Include hundreds of other countries in the world, that are considered to be the Third World, and again, the same thing that happened to this little Filipino girl, would happen not only to little girls, but also to young men, and to anyone that is deemed healthy enough to be killed by head hunters in order to illegally transport their human organs to First World countries such as the United Kingdom.


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Donna Magazine – More Information – Following the Link – Chat with Silence Chatbot – Question and Answer for More Information About Donna Magazine

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World Beauty in Toronto Hosted by Donna Kakonge with Airbnb Experiences and Donna Magazine – Online and In-Person


In a fun and light-hearted conversation focusing on the best elements of natural beauty, this one-hour workshop will educate you on all of the natural methods to obtain your best self, as well as great Toronto retailers who can help you to achieve the beauty standards the higher levels of beauty standards that you desire. With a mix of natural ways to reduce the grey in your hair, plus great ways that are inexpensive to reduce your visits to the dentist, maximizing the growth cycles of your hair and/or suggestions of fantastic hairstylists, barbers, and hairdressers in Toronto, plus some of the best ways to either save money on clothing and/or buy from some of the most fabulous Canadian designers you will ever discover – this workshop is fun! From natural makeup tips to comfortable shoes that still look good, to natural ways of colouring your hair that will not damage it, to some of the best weave masters if this is your choice, and people who can braid your hair with or without extensions to coif your crown perfectly, you will have fun dressing yourself in your own self-love with the instructor’s helpful advice.

Worldwide Image and Health Consultations with Airbnb Experiences.
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Share Your Own Airbnb Experience and Please Use this Code

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Worldwide Legal Answers Hosted by Donna Kakonge LLB with Airbnb Experiences and Donna Magazine (Online and In-Person)

This class provides the participants with the opportunity to ask legal questions and to receive legal answers based on the laws, rules, and regulations that pertain to the City of Toronto, Province of Ontario, as well as the country of Canada, and the world. This class is open to people from all over the world, with the instructor having knowledge of international laws, as well. For the price of the course, five questions or more will be answered pertaining to the legal situations you would like assistance with. This legal answering class is not meant to substitute advice from a lawyer, rather help you to make a more affordable choice in case you would need to seek the advice of a licensed lawyer in your area. The class also offers the opportunity for those people who are interested in entering the field of law or the legal field to network.
Here are some examples of questions you may have that I can help you with to reduce legal fees:
Can I file chapter 13 bankruptcy again if I filed in 2013? Live in Washington state. Bankruptcy was discharged? I am in removal. Can I get an emergency travel parole? While playing golf hit another golfer accidentally in the back of the head with a golf ball on my drive. He has forwarded over $2,000 in medical bills to me. What is my legal obligation regarding this?<brYou may have many more questions such as this that I can help you with.

Worldwide Legal Answers with Airbnb Experiences.
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World Literary Nonfiction Writing Daily Workshops in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with Airbnb Experiences and Donna Magazine (Online and In-Person) Hosted by Author Donna Kakonge


People interested in writing a book and publishing it, or blogs offered in a variety of genres, have the opportunity to learn more about what creative non-fiction and literary nonfiction is about. The participants involved with the workshop can ask questions or more about writing and find out the answers to how they can improve their own writing or their manuscript to publish it traditionally or self-publish. The realities of the world of writing are also questions that will be answered, with an emphasis on the financial realities of the average writer, and also, for those seeking to be either full-time and/or part-time writers, what they can realistically earn from the craft and the art of writing. Questions around grants and awards will be answered, plus ways of branching out writing skills to not only various legitimate industries, but also into various legitimate genres such as travel writing, hospitality writing, social media profile writing, adventure writing, and writing about your home country for government and travel purposes or corporate travel purposes, plus for personal use, heritage and ancestry discovery, educational purposes, entertainment purposes, writing screenplays and for television and radio, etc. Networking is included and to gain knowledge of Canadian writers. Tips on good reads at the Toronto Public Library are included. We can meet a Faema Caffé and it includes social media and profile networking writing as well.

World Literary Nonfiction Writing with Airbnb Experiences.
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World Literary Nonfiction Writing with Airbnb Experiences Hosted by Donna Kakonge, A Daily On-Going Event

View On Airbnb

World Literary Nonfiction Writing Hosted by Donna Kakonge on Airbnb Experiences.

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Let Me Host You My Friends with Airbnb – Please Contact Me if You Would Like to Book

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Thank You, Everyone, on Facebook and LinkedIn for the Birthday Wishes

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50 Cent “In Da Club”

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Pinterest Beautiful Turtles Board (Hair)

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Avoiding Pitfalls of the Scam Artist (Originally Published on The

You can find scam artists big and small every where you look in the world today. It may be a telemarketer offering you a trip that sounds too good to be true. It might be a car mechanic that overcharges you for an oil change. It can even be a friend who offers you a great job in a business that is basically shrouded in fraud. It can even be advice from a tarot reader.

One really has to watch themselves in the world today to make sure they are not a victim of scams. Just today, when I was buying coffee and a muffin at Loblaws, the price I paid yesterday, $1.60 CDN became $1.89 CDN today. The cashier told me that the price had gone up and it was interesting how I even made a mental note that she threw away the receipt I was supposed to receive when I bought my coffee yesterday.

Now, this is a small example, but my Dad was getting his a turn signal on his car fixed yesterday at a garage in Toronto where he goes often. The price for the service doubled from the quote. Now is this a fair business practice? Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world where people told the truth?

Thinking that Canadians are more honest than other people are is fiction. Thinking that your own cultural group will not rip you off just as much as another culture would is also a non-realistic idea too. As a freelance writer, I was doing an advertorial (PR on my website) for a photographer where we agreed upon the payment and the only reason I’m writing about it in this article is that I was never paid for the work I did for him. He’s brown like me and crooked as a fault line after an earthquake.

Some of the ways to avoid scam artists are to ask questions. If something seems fishy – it probably is. Most of us know that saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but if you read it, then you can. Learn to read a situation, delve into it and look at any given scam situation closely.

If someone calls you asking you to give your money for something that seems too low in cost for what you’re getting – like a trip to Florida for a fraction of the price – question this. In many cases like this, whether dealing with a cashier, car mechanic or bank, it’s sometimes not the person employed themselves who are a fault – but there are some bad business practices going on.

Advice about checking out Better Business Bureaus is a good idea. I’ve heard about people who have been scammed by gym memberships, but this one place that I went to for a year called Trainers Fitness in Toronto was a trustworthy place. Their only sin was one woman asked me some noisy questions because I was good about fully using my membership, but they did not scam me financially and I lost weight. A win-win situation.

When doing business, try to get recommendations from people you respect. But, remember, sometimes the way a business or businessperson will treat your friend, co-worker or even family member is not the way they will treat you. You still have to read into the situation.

Good luck in all of your business dealings – and may wish you all a scam-free day!

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How to Paint the Exterior of a House

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Motown the Musical

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The Supremes “Baby Love”

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Bebel Gilberto “Mix”

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TK Zee “We Love this Place”

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Huong Thanh – All Is Peace (Ru Con Miền Bắc)

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Jazzfest Bonn 2011: Brotfabrik, Nguyên Lê Trio

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Whitney Houston “I’m Every Woman”

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Chaka Khan “I’m Every Woman”

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Chaka Khan “I Feel for You”

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Des’ree “Life”

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Lorraine Scott “In Love”

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Kid ‘N Play “Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody”

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Please Purchase Flip the Digital Pages App on Amazon and the Apple Store

With 86 unique titles, audiobooks, and an experimental movie!

You can also purchase the app on the App Store here:

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Stevie Wonder “Living for the City” [1974]

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Jennifer Lopez “Mix”

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Maxwell “Ever Wanting to Want You to…”

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Tracy Chapman “Mix”

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Tears for Fears “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”

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Eric Clapton “Layla”

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Temperance “Hands of Time”

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Diana Ross “I’m Coming Out”

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