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Create great garden borders surrounding your home with DIY!

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Surrounding your home with fences in order to mark your property can sometimes not be the most beautiful choice visually to display your pride, your home, your property. Even when you have some creative choice in a home that you are renting, creating garden barriers may prove to be a visual improvement for a DIY project to fences. Garden barriers can also be far more inviting if you are someone who wants great vibrations and positive energy to flow around your home, in comparison to fences. Fences can block energy, be too much of a guard, whereas, garden barriers show that you will be constantly growing, blossoming, and eternal to the spirits of nature as long as the world turns.

Bringing down the fences and staking out your territory with something uplifting as garden barriers may be just the way to also spruce up the energy on your street, in your neighborhood, and throughout your community, but let’s start with your home.

You can do this yourself – DIY! Here’s how:

1. Dig out those Fences

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If you do not have the tools to bring down the fences around your home, one of the first things you can do is just check on Google and/or Yelp in order to find places in your neighborhood where you can rent the tools to raze down your fences. Make sure that you are wearing protective gloves, protective eyeglasses, and wearing protective clothing, plus protective shoes. Remember to keep your hair back, or anything that could create a problem and if it’s your first time doing this, just take your time, remember – Rome was not built in a day.

2. Purchasing Mulch, Dirt, and Bushes, and Flowers

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You can do the shopping for this before you raze down your fences or after the fences are down. The most important thing in many ways is to ensure that you purchase the mulch, the dirt, and bushes, and flowers at a reasonable price, which means often targeting the best time to purchase which is at the height of the planting season when these items will not be as expensive for this DIY project. We’ll continue to go through what you do with all of this great stuff that is going to make your property look gorgeous.

3. The Dirt Goes First, and then the Mulch, Plant the Bushes and the Flowers Last

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The dirt will remarkably help to ensure that any residue from digging up your fences instantly disappears when the dirt covers it. The mulch will help as well to create a beautiful appearance that is prettier in most people’s view of just dirt. You can also make sure that you purchase glistening mulch in a variety of colors from black, to brown, to light brown, to reddish brown, etc., in order to complement the colors of your home. The same goes with the shades of the bushes and the flowers that you choose. Some people decide that will not go with the flowers, and this is absolutely fine. It’s up to you. It’s your home. At the end of the day adding the flowers can depend heavily on the climate conditions of where you live. If the flowers will last throughout the year because you live in warmer weather, I would recommend them. If you live in colder climates, such as really cold climates, you may even want to choose evergreens and/or perineal bushes.

4. Maintain that Border

Yes, many people like fences because they’re easy to maintain and garden barriers are more challenging to maintain. Please take this project on as a continuous DIY project if you are willing to put in the long-term effort in order to ensure that the garden barrier around your property, your home, is beautiful for decades to come.

5. You can even Choose to Add Decorative Lights Year-round, or Seasonally

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You can make your garden border around your home is more eye-catching by adding lights year-round, or just on special occasions throughout the year. Expect people to stare when they pass by your home. Don’t forget to congratulate yourself on what you’ve done and share it with those you care about.

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