Paint Projects Popular in Fall, Thanks to Long Weekends, Back to School

CIL Classic Liberty Red Bedroom:
This season’s rich reds – such as CIL’s Classic Liberty Red (30R 07/354), painted on the walls of this bedroom – are reminiscent of striking fall foliage.

CIL® paint unveils top colours for this season

Sico Photo 3

TORONTO, ON (August 7, 2012) – As the weather turns cooler, Canadians tend to warm up to paint. That’s the finding of leading paint brand CIL® paint, which reports that it has seen strong fall paint sales over the last several years.

“August and September have become huge months for painting,” said Alison Goldman, Brand Manager for AkzoNobel, makers of CIL paint. “While in reality, interior painting season is anytime thanks to new eco-friendly paints that don’t even require open windows for ventilation, many people still seem to choose the fall months to paint when the air begins to get cooler.”

 Explaining that the motivation to paint in the fall is often spurred by a desire to provide a fresh start for kids going back to school, or to prepare for long weekend guests, Goldman says that “next to Christmas, Thanksgiving is a huge entertaining time and, for many, a perfect excuse to give rooms a lift.”

With the popularity of autumn paint projects, CIL has unveiled its palette of hot fall colours for this season. Leading the trend are yellow-toned reds and oranges, and green-toned blues and purples. 

 “This year’s fall colours include both warm and cool shades, so they can easily adapt to a wide range of individual tastes,” said Goldman, citing CIL’s top picks for the season as warm colours Golden Tan (90YR 34/468) burnt orange, Warm Gold (35YY 59/533) yellow, Classic Liberty Red (30R 07/354) and Peach Swirl(80YR 57/293), and cool colours Black Bordeaux (70RR 07/100) eggplant purple,Blazer Blue (43BB 09/340) royal blue and Caribbean Waters (65BB 17/353) deep teal.

CIL Blazer Blue Kitchen:
Royal blue, such as CIL’s Blazer Blue (43BB 09/340) featured in this photo, cheers up a kitchen wall.

Fall Colour Trends 2012

What these colours have in common is that they are all rich, full-bodied hues that convey character, she explained, adding that they also each bring into a home the best of the outdoors – from striking fall foliage and autumn’s dramatic skies to quiet, shady corners of nature.

Goldman recommends painting even one accent wall with one of this season’s top hues to give a room added personality. For example, royal blue cheers up a kitchen wall, burnt orange enlivens a dining or living area, and deep purple soothes a sitting room, she explains.

CIL Golden Tan Living Room:
Burnt orange, such as CIL’s Golden Tan (90YR 34/468) pictured on the walls of this living room, is a hot colour this fall.


CIL Golden Tan Living Room

To view CIL’s fall colour picks online, or for colour selection and painting tips, visit or call 1-800-DURABLE (387-2253).

 About CIL® paint

Available in Canada at The Home Depot, Rona, Canadian Tire, Walmart and independent paint dealers, CIL® paint has been a trusted brand in businesses, communities, schools, and homes across the country since 1927.  With more than 1,200 colours in its palette, CIL paint has developed a colour mood system that guarantees a perfect match across a wide spectrum of colours. Regardless of whether it’s interior or exterior paint or advanced wood stains, the CIL brand stands for delivering simple to use paint solutions that offer outstanding value to do-it-yourself consumers.  CIL paint is a brand of AkzoNobel, the world’s largest paint and coatings company. 

About AkzoNobel’s North American Decorative Paints Business

Within its North American paints business, AkzoNobel produces a portfolio of well-respected brands, including Glidden®, Glidden Professional™, Dulux® Bétonel®, CIL®, Sico®, Ralph Lauren® and Devoe® paints; Flood®, Sikkens® and Synteko®wood care products; and Liquid Nails® and Mulco® adhesives and caulks. Products are sold through company-owned stores, national retail outlets, distributors and independent dealers throughout North America as well as exported internationally.

About AkzoNobel

AkzoNobel is the largest global paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals. We supply industries and consumers worldwide with innovative products and are passionate about developing sustainable answers for our customers. Our portfolio includes well-known brands such as Dulux, Glidden, Sikkens, International, and Eka. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we are a Global Fortune 500 company and are consistently ranked as one of the leaders on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes. With operations in more than 80 countries, our 55,000 people around the world are committed to excellence and delivering Tomorrow’s Answers Today™.


Staining Tips from Sikkens

Sikkens photo 2

With the launch of Cetol® SRD alkyd-acrylic one-coat stain, Sikkens offers these tips to ensure a successful staining job.

Prepare surfaces properly: Make sure the surface to be stained is clean and dry. Wipe away dirt, dust, mildew, algae, moss, leaves, and loose wood fibres. Strip away previous coatings with an exterior stain remover before applying new stain. Let new wood settle for at least a month before staining.

Have a plan: If using more than a gallon, intermix batches to ensure colour consistency.

Sand both new and aged wood with 80 to 120 grit paper to open the pores and always sand – and stain – in the direction of the wood grain. To avoid lap marks, start at one edge and follow through to the end of the board maintaining a wet edge. For better protection, apply a coat of stain on all six sides of the plank.

Watch the weather: The best time to stain is when the temperature is between 10°C and 35°C. Wait at least 48 hours after a rainfall or washing before starting your job. Hold off on staining when rain, dew or frost is present or expected within 24 to 48 hours.

Tools matter: Wood planks become warped with time, so a paint brush – not a roller – is the best tool to apply a stain. Use brushes that are specifically designed for wood staining.

Don’t cut corners: Be patient, wait for the right conditions, and your job will last longer. Never apply stain in the direct sunlight or on surfaces hot to the touch as it will reduce penetration of the coating and increase the risk of peeling.

Ready, Set… Stain!

CIL Premium Can

New One-Coat, Alkyd-Acrylic Formula

Woodcare Finish Takes the ‘Pain’ out of Stain

Sikkens experts offer fail-proof tips for staining decks, sidings, rails and more

 June 4, 2012 – Who says oil and water don’t mix? Leading coatings brand Sikkens has introduced an innovative new woodcare stain that contains a unique combination of water and oil-based materials to deliver the best of both worlds for users.

 Made from a unique alkyd (oil) and acrylic (water) hybrid mix, new Sikkens Cetol® SRD is a premium flat finish stain that requires only one coat on any exterior wood surface – from decks and fences to rails, siding and outdoor furniture.

The coating provides both the strength and durability of an alkyd stain and the ease of use of an acrylic product, including simple clean-up of tools with water. It is specially formulated to deliver maximum penetration, colour retention, adhesion and resistance to ultraviolet rays, humidity, rain, sleet, and snow.

 “Our research shows that homeowners want wood coatings that make their stain jobs easier, and the product’s unique alkyd-acrylic combination does the trick,” said Nathalie Lambert, Sikkens Brand Director.

Cetol® SRD meets Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) requirements, Lambert explained, adding that sustainability was a key objective in developing the product. “Our goal is to always find new ways to do things in order to speed up sustainable growth,” she said.

With a translucent finish – allowing the wood grains to show through – Cetol® SRD

comes in eight different colours: natural, natural oak, cedar, teak, butternut, redwood, mahogany and dark oak. Available at specialized paint and hardware stores across Canada, a gallon of Cetol® SRD retails for $51.70.

From May 7 to September 14, 2012, Sikkens is inviting Canadians to participate in a photo contest to showcase their stained Sikkens deck projects. Entries will be considered for a grand prize of $1,000-worth of garden furniture or two-second prizes of stainless-steel patio heaters.

For more information about Cetol® SRD, to locate a Sikkens dealer, or to participate in the photo contest, visit .

About Sikkens

Sikkens is a brand of AkzoNobel, the Canadian leader in decorative paints serving the consumer, professional renovation and construction markets. A market leader in wood protection, Sikkens has been a top brand for decorative coatings and car refinishing since its establishment in 1792. Through the years, Sikkens’ product assortment has grown thanks to the introduction of new technologies. Through cooperative relationships with architects, designers, professional painters and DIYers, Sikkens wood finishes have maintained a strong position for protection and decoration, both interior and exterior. Continue reading “Ready, Set… Stain!”


The new CIL Colour Studio enables users to select paint colours on the go using their iPhone.

CIL iPhone App

Decorate on the Go with New CIL Paints iPhone App

November 28, 2011 – Have you ever been struck by a colour that you thought would look great in your home – the colour of a leaf, a sweater, even a piece of fruit?

Now you can capture the colours that capture your eye, and easily duplicate them on your walls, using a new iPhone paint selection application launched by leading Canadian paint brand CIL Paints.

Called CIL Colour Studio, the new tool allows users to simply point their iPhone over an object or image, click and presto, a replica of the colour appears on the screen. What’s more, the application identifies the corresponding paint colour from the CIL Paints collection and even suggests a series of potential colour schemes to go with it.

“People today are often pressed for time, so we’re giving them an opportunity to get decorating ideas on the go,” said Alison Goldman, Marketing Communications Manager for CIL Paints, adding that CIL is all about making the paint selection process easier for Canadians.

Available free of charge from Apple’s App Store – and downloadable on the iPad or iPod Touch as well – the CIL Colour Studio works on any object, from fabric to photos to natural items like rocks and leaves. Once a colour scheme is selected and a project is specified, users are provided with guidance on the amount of paint needed for the job as well as CIL product suggestions. They can also access how-to videos, from surface preparation to paint tools to the application.

“It’s well known in the paint industry that colour selection is the biggest challenge consumers face when buying paint,” says Goldman, explaining that the new application is intended to help alleviate some of this stress, and even add an element of fun for people looking to paint their homes.

“CIL is pleased to empower Canadians with this creative decorating tool in the palm of their hands,” Goldman said. “Now, people can go all out in search of a favourite colour, scanning everything from sofa pillows to their running shoes.”

For more information on the CIL Colour Studio and downloading instructions, visit or call 1-800-DURABLE (387-2253).


CIL Paints is betting that giving wall colours such as those featured in this home theatre room names like Bacon or Hockey Puck would get men more interested in painting. The actual paint names shown are CIL’s Spice Island (00YY 19/464) on the left wall and Dark Secret (00NN 05/000) on the right.

CIL Photo

Want to Get Your Man On Board with a Paint Job? Start by Calling your Yellow Wall Colour Choice ‘Beer’ Instead of ‘Butterscotch’

CIL Paints sets out to cater paint names to a male audience

August 4, 2011 – Putting Green versus Pixie Palace. Beer versus Butterscotch. Blue Jeans versus Periwinkle Blue. Which paint colour would sooner have your man picking up a paintbrush to give your walls a lift?

Leading Canadian paint brand CIL Paints is betting that giving paint names a masculine label will get men more excited about the painting process.

“Studies show that while a larger percentage of women tend to choose paint colours for their home, it’s often men who give the colours a final nod and then go on to spearhead the project,” says Alison Goldman, Marketing Communications Manager for CIL. “In an effort to get men more enthusiastic about painting projects, CIL is launching a campaign to involve them from the get-go.”

To this end, CIL is calling upon Canadian men to rename any existing CIL paint colour according to their preference, and Canadian women to give current colours names that better appeal to their men.

All participants need to do is submit their suggestions on CIL’s Facebook page and get the most votes from the public. The paint names that garner the most votes will be compiled into a special brochure alongside CIL’s existing display of more than 1,200 colours. What’s more, the most popular selection will yield the winner a $10,000 home theatre makeover powered by Klipsch.

“The bottom line is that choosing paint colours isn’t black and white,” says Goldman. “When it comes to painting names, it’s all about the emotional connection and our research shows that men and women tend to relate to paint names differently.”

To participate in the campaign – which runs until September 30 – visit CIL on Facebook or for more details. To watch a video of men’s responses to different paint colour names, go to YouTube and key in “Paint Chip Names for Men.”

Warm up to Spring with a New Coat of Paint

CIL Spring Photo – Swordplay Painting a “frame” around a doorway, using a rich colour like CIL’s Swordplay (30BB 45/049) grey, will go a long way in rejuvenating your property after a long, harsh winter.

Image result for Painted house

CIL Paints offers tips on refreshing your home with colour this season

May 11, 2011 – Now that the warmer weather’s here, it’s time to put on a new coat … of paint, that is. Statistics show that spring is the most popular time for painting – both inside and out – and there’s no simpler way to leave the dreariness of a long, cold winter behind, says leading Canadian paint brand CIL Paints.

“Just as replacing dark winter coats in favour of cheerier-looking spring jackets helps lighten moods, even the smallest infusion of colour will give your home a lift,” says Alison Goldman, Marketing Communications Manager for CIL Paints, noting that paint colour is the easiest and most economical home improvement tool.

Adding colour to your home’s interior is as easy as applying a vibrant tone to an accent wall, jazzing up an old piece of furniture, or painting a “frame” around a mirror, picture or doorway, Goldman says. On the exterior, simply changing the colour of your front door, garage or window frames will go a long way in rejuvenating your property, and reversing the toll Canada’s harsh winters tend to take on our houses.

Popular colour choices this season include jewel-toned blues and greens, playful limes, pinks and apricots, and calming lavenders and greys. Topping the list of CIL’s spring colours are Vista Marine (10BG 39/244) blue, English Apple (90YY 48/500) green, Lime Twist (89YY 78/269) lime, Pink Chablis (30YR 68/127) pink, Sunlit Piazza (20YY 61/475) orange, Peace (50BB 46/129) lavender and Swordplay (30BB 45/049) grey.

“This season’s palette is about appreciating the influence of colour in every aspect of our lives, from a spectacular sunset to blossoming flower gardens, to the trendy fashions we wear,” explains Goldman. “The bolder colours replace safer neutrals, echoing new beginnings and a renewed sense of optimism and charm.”

CIL Spring Photo – English Apple Adding colour to your home may be as easy as jazzing up an old piece of furniture, like this dresser featuring CIL English Apple (90YY 48/500) green. The dresser was painted using CIL’s new water-based Smart Melamine paint, which delivers a super-smooth finish.

Before ‘springing’ ahead with your paint job this season, consider these tips from CIL Paints:

· Use colour sense: When selecting paint colours, study your surroundings. Inside, it’s important to consider the mood you want to create in a room in addition to the decor. Pink is the colour of passion and love, yellow energizes and cheers, green is easy on the eye and calming, lime green is playful, blue is dreamy and tranquil, and purple, the colour of wealth, reduces hunger. Exterior paint choices should blend well with existing landscaping as well as the colour of the roof, brick, siding or stone.

· Accentuate the positives: Today’s bold colours present the perfect opportunity for experimenting. Make a kitchen “pop” with brightly-painted cabinetry, using specially-formulated paint. CIL’s new Smart Melamine paint, for example, has a unique water-based, super-smooth formula that – with the proper preparation – makes even the oldest cupboards look sleek and new. Use colour to draw attention to a book shelf or back wall, or breathe new life into a bathroom by painting accessories or applying geometric shapes to the wall. Add exterior curb appeal by repairing winter’s damage, including peeling trim, faded paint, cracked putty, and scuffed door frames. With the right colour combinations, these must-do maintenance chores will become pleasures.

· Follow orders: Paint jobs are simpler when the right order is followed. For interior painting, start with the ceiling, then the walls, followed by the baseboard and trim. Doors and windows should be painted last. Outside, the general rule is to work from the top down, painting gutters and eaves first while leaving trim for last. Shutters should be completely removed and re-hung, while doors can be painted in place, left slightly ajar to dry.

· Make a good time: Almost any spring day is good for interior painting, except in extremely hot and humid weather, which can cause streaking if the paint dries too fast. The best time for exterior painting is when the temperature has been 10° C or higher for 24 hours and no fog, drizzle or dew is present. When painting outdoors, avoid direct sunlight and wind. Paint applied to hot surfaces will blister and peel, while wind can cause paint to dry too quickly, leaving behind lap marks – not to mention dirt and insects that may blow in.

CIL Spring Photo – Peace Lavender, such as CIL’s Peace (50BB 46/129), is one of the hot colours for the spring.

“Inside or out, this season’s pick-me-up colours are so fresh and uplifting, you’ll feel like it’s spring in your home all year round,” Goldman says.

For more painting tips, or to locate a CIL retailer near you, visit or call 1-800-DURABLE (387-2253).

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… Paint it

Photo Courtesy of Gail Bergman PR


Powder Room, CIL Magical Twightlight and Buffy

By Gail Bergman PR

CIL Paints Offers Big Ideas for Small Spaces

February 14, 2011 – When it comes to small spaces, don’t paint yourself into a corner. Use colour to open up your surroundings to endless possibilities instead.

“Paint colour is the simplest and most economical way to make a small space appear larger,” says Alison Goldman, Marketing Communications Manager for leading Canadian paint brand CIL Paints. “When space is at a premium, every square foot counts, so a can of paint and a little imagination will go a long way in making the most of your living area.”

Whether you’re tackling one small room – like a powder room, sitting room or vestibule – or an entire condo, the same tricks apply to make ceilings look higher, entrances seem wider and walls appear to recede, Goldman says. There are several ways to create the illusion of space with paint, from choosing the right colour, to applying the right finish, to understanding the role of natural light, she adds.

CIL offers these big ideas for painting small spaces:

Photo Courtesy of Gail Bergman PR


· Draw the line: Painting a horizontal stripe around a small room actually makes it look deeper and wider. Whether the stripe is applied on all four walls or on only one wall as a focal point, the effect causes the eye to see the room as wider than it is. If the room is narrow or short, try painting thin vertical stripes in two tone-on-tone shades to achieve a similar effect.

· Be a colour schemer: Cool colours, like soft blues, creams, purples and greens, will make even the smallest area feel open and airy. Choosing colours from the same colour family, and using different shades of a single colour, also helps. Dark colours are often thought to make a room seem smaller, but with the right selection, can be used to create a luxurious or intimate mood in your small space. Avoid contrasting colours, however, since they will be visually distracting.

· Shed light on the matter: Lighting is key in opening up a space. Assess the amount of natural and artificial light coming into the room. Good lighting is known to make paint colour appear lighter, so rooms that have a lot of natural light may tolerate a warmer colour. Similarly, if there’s too much light, a cool colour choice may actually make a small space too icy.

· Avoid distractions: The secret to painting a small area is to prevent visual distractions. Whenever something jumps out at you, the eye loses its sense of continuity and a person begins to feel cramped. Try painting the trim in the room a different shade of the main colour by adding black or white to the base. This will cause the trim to fade into the background. Use patterns sparingly. If you’ve been itching to try the latest in stencils and faux finishes, for example, a small room is not the best place to do it.

· Have tricks up your sleeve: If you’re faced with low ceilings, make the walls appear taller by painting a one-foot border around the edge of the ceiling in the same colour as the walls. Another way to create the illusion of height is to paint the bottom half of a wall in a darker colour than the top. Using glossy paint sheens also makes ceilings look higher and rooms appear larger because the resulting shiny surface reflects more light.

“Small spaces are less forgiving than large ones so it’s important to plan ahead and think things through,” says Goldman. “If all else fails, simply paint a room the same colour as your furniture – the room will appear so spacious, you’ll be wondering where the walls went.”

For more ideas about painting small spaces or to locate a CIL retailer near you, visit or call 1-800-DURABLE (387-2253).