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Need help? Just give me a call with tobacco

By: Rachel Muenz Before I climbed to the third floor of the North Borden Building on Spadina, I thought tobacco was bad. But now I know that it can be good, depending on how you use it. Tobacco can help students like me get…

Smoking: do not start in the first place (Originally Published with Triond.com)

It was 21 years ago when I started smoking socially. It began with me trying to impress a young man who was about five years older than me I had a crush on.

Quebec Continues to Act Against Contraband Tobacco, It’s Time Ontario Does the Same

OTTAWA, Oct. 17, 2013 /CNW/ – Today, the National Coalition Against Contraband Tobacco (NCACT) commended the Government of Quebec for contributing $4 million to the City of Montreal to fight contraband tobacco. This proactive initiative by the Quebec government serves as an important reminder of how illegal cigarettes remain a problem in the province….

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