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Binary Groove – Gemini Nominated in 1995

This educational pilot computer show called “Binary Groove” aired in 1995 and was nominated for a Gemini Award. Enjoy the show and for more education stories, check out my book The Education Generation. As well, you would also be interested in Journalism Stories Collection. Both can be bought, plus many other books at:

This video doesn’t exist

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Donna’s Video Work

This is a rough demo tape of video work I have done for the Discovery Channel, CJOH-TV, a really old story from Carleton University featuring the late Princess Diana and a public service announcement I did throughout Ontario back in 2003. Take a look and enjoy.

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Binary Groove – Gemini Nominated

This Gemini-nominated computer show Binary Groove aired in 1995 on the Discovery Channel. It features Donna Kakonge in an early computer show.

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