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Back to School Part III

Donna Kakonge Ends Her Series on Students Preparing to Go Back to School – Photo Courtesy of

Back To School Part III - August 31, 2010

Going Back to School? This ends the three-part series in going back to school for students of all ages. If you have not checked out Part I and Part II – you can find them on this magazine. Here are the tips for Part III:

  1. Make sure you sleep! It is extremely important to sleep and rest while you are in school. This will help to keep your stress level down and make it possible for you to concentrate on your studies.
  2. Keep your personal drama to a minimum. Things come up. Everyone knows this. Try to keep out of any personal drama around you in your family, as well as any personal drama happening at school. You are at school to study – really in essence not to do anything else.
  3. Keep out of the bars and avoid smoking – easier said than done, trust me I know. You will be much better off to lay off the alcohol completely and avoid smoking to deal with your stress while in school. Many of these bad habits are formed while you are in school. An entire dissertation could be written on this topic. Avoid becoming a statistic.
  4. Try not to miss classes. Try to go to all of your classes. It is important that you go and your professor will respect you for it. If there is a good reason why you must miss a class, let your professor know with as much notice as possible.
  5. Do not forget to enjoy yourself. Going to school will contain some of the fondest memories of your life. Enjoy it and be successful.

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