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Watch Out Who You Buy From on Amazon – Photo Courtesy of Google Images

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So, I have something to celebrate in 2018. I was thinking, I should get myself something nice as a present, also for Christmas. I think to myself, what would be inexpensive and also something that I could use. Ahh…yes, incense sticks…think wrong!

I go to Amazon. The problem is not with Amazon, but with this particular new seller on Amazon called Amolénte. This was last night that I put in the order and when I woke up, I realized, what am I doing spending more than $100.00 CAD on incense sticks? I canceled the order. Amazon sends me a notice that my order has been canceled, and my credit card was not charged. I do not have a credit card and the money was taken out of my account.

I contacted the seller too and he said it would take a few days to get my money back. I contacted Amazon again and they gave me a link to how to deal with it. I left the seller Amolélente a bad review. I rarely do this on Amazon, probably only my second time doing so.

Then the seller, Amolénte emails me with this blatant lie that I can’t get my money back until I remove my negative review! Lie! I tell the guy that if I do not get my money back tonight (last night), I will blast him right here on Donna Magazine.

So, please excuse my rant, but be careful who you buy from on Amazon. This is the moral of this ranting tale.

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Being Healthy: Selected Works from the Internet

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Memoirs of a Hippie Girl by Ann BeCoy is a Masterpiece!

Memoirs of a Hippie Girl by Ann BeCoy is a work of creative non-fiction.
Memoirs of a Hippie Girl by Ann BeCoy is a work of creative non-fiction.

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Ann BeCoy recently published her first book entitled:  Memoirs of a Hippie Girl in India which is a work of creative non-fiction. This memoir is a true story she kept secret for forty years.   In 1972 Ms. BeCoy as a tender eighteen-year-old left her dysfunctional family and abusive father to travel to India with a boyfriend she barely knew.

Within the first month, she was kidnapped, trapped and being forced into prostitution.  In order to escape, she became a Hash Courier for some Goa hippies.  She was then arrested and spent the next three months in prison in Bombay.  Her account of her time in the women’s prison in Bombay, where she is the only foreigner, the only white person, are positively riveting.

Ms. BeCoy is a survivor if nothing else.  She survives a riot where she is nearly stoned in a Muslim bazaar, she survives three months in prison where she deals with severe dysentery, cockroaches, and rats.  She survives in India by her wits and her guts and finds her way into various Ashrams. She meets extraordinary men, famous gurus, and famous counter-culture heroes later in Nepal. Continue reading “Memoirs of a Hippie Girl by Ann BeCoy is a Masterpiece!”

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