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Ali Farka Touré “The River” [Full Album]

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Making the Day Meaningful

Making a Day Meaningful - March 21, 2010

There are certain things I love to do to make the day meaningful. Of course, it always feels good to get my work done, however when there is some down time I like finding creative ways to enjoy leisure time.

Today I wrote in my journal as usual. It is a light blue journal that I bought from The World’s Biggest Bookstore. I have already written quite a bit in it and there are still so many pages to go. I love books like that where they seem never-ending. It almost feels magical, like a Gmail account – more pages fill in as I write. There is a technology idea for anyone looking for one. All I ask for is 50 percent.

Today, I also drew an art deco painting. I realize that all of my art tends to have an art deco influence. I love the colour and flamboyant nature of the art. I love using colours such as red, orange and yellow. Black or dark colours always help to add a foundation or accent the foundation. I truly enjoyed creating my painting. I will be going to a local framer called Elgin to get it framed soon after it dries.

The media of painting I enjoy using are oil sticks. Oil sticks help me to feel as though I am drawing with a crayon. I really enjoy using it and find the painting experience to be fun, and yes…hard work too.

Right now I’m listening to some Ali Farka Touré. I was going to listen to Bobby McFerrin (his newer stuff is terrific). I have started reading the dictionary and have passed through the A’s. The music is in celebration of getting through that. Only 27 more chapters to go.

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