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By Khalid Musa

Artwork for above By Akina Lalla

I claim I’m not a poet but I can feel it in my bones                                                            

I say I don’t carry pain but u can hear it in my tone

First they enslaved us, then when we fought for change

Our minimum wage was just change

I’m from a land of poetry, literary, literally so don’t try to belittle me

Hundreds of years has passed, independence at last

But when they left, they made sure that our economic state had crashed

And here I thought I was gonna get severance before they passed

Here comes the World Bank to make things fair

With so much restriction, might as well give me the money and cut off my air

No oxygen, I’m left in my own country like hostage-men

Now we are here in the modern day

Where you can C slavery in a modern way

Where the islands are commodified to cater to tourist’s desires in every way

Where my counterpart N I are seen as racialized hypersexual objects

Where our job is to please and serve outsiders like a royal subject

Poverty is @ an all-time high, unemployment is @ an all-time high, and misery is @ an all-time high

I’m left with my physical frame just to get by

The question I have left is to ask is how long it will take till it’s all gone by

I never said that I’m a poet but I can feel it in my bones

I never said I carry pain but u can hear it in my tone.

-Khalid M.

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