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Donna Magazine Writing Services

Donna Magazine Writing Services Donna Magazine Writing Services caters writing services at an affordable price to the following goods and services: Documents for: Any subject, industry or governmental purposes. I have knowledge of a variety of style guides and can write the document according…

CORRECTION: Advertising on Beautiful People – ThatChannel.com

New shows of “Beautiful People” on ThatChannel.com are starting in January of 2017. Please check out this link to see past episodes: https://www.google.ca/?gws_rd=ssl#q=Donna+Kakonge+-+YouTube I am looking for sponsors from people/businesses that would pledge $9,600.00 CDN membership for a year of 52 episodes of the…

Corporate advertising to blacks (Originally Published with Suite101.com)

Many companies do not feel it necessary to create advertising aimed specifically at Black communities. Sometimes Trevor Campbell, president of Porter Novelli, is asked in his public relations practice whether he has experience in ethnic media outreach? He says it is hard to measure…

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