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Stronger Protection for Wireless Consumers

April 29, 2013

Ontario Government Introduces New Rules for Wireless Contracts and Services

Ontario is taking steps to strengthen consumer protection by introducing legislation today that would, if passed, make it easier for consumers to understand the costs and terms of their cell phone and wireless services contracts.

The proposed legislation, if passed, would benefit wireless consumers by:

  • Limiting the costs associated with cancelling a contract
  • Requiring contracts to be written in plain, easy-to-understand language
  • Ensuring contracts clearly spell out which services come with the basic fee, and which would result in a higher bill
  • Showing the total price in wireless services pricing advertisements

These proposed reforms would protect consumers while furthering the new Ontario government’s commitment to building a strong economy and a fair, safe and informed marketplace.


  • Approximately eight out of 10 Ontario families have a wireless services agreement.
  • Overall complaints to the federal Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services have more than tripled over the past four years.
  • A recent survey by compiled the opinions and complaints of 2,800 cell phone users who called for an overhaul of the cell phone market.



“Ontario consumers deserve to know what they are getting in their cell phone and wireless services contracts. We want contracts to be clear, easy to understand, and fair. Our proposed legislation, if passed, would be backed by meaningful enforcement so that cell phone consumers are protected.”
— Tracy MacCharles, Minister of Consumer Services
“I congratulate the Ontario government on its proposed legislation. Consumers spend large amounts of money on their wireless services. It’s important for them to know how much the many features of the product or service will cost them – and how much it will cost to cancel their plan.”
— Ken Whitehurst, Executive Director, Consumers Council of Canada


Bryan Leblanc
Minister’s Office

Sandra Bento
Communications Branch

Ministry of Consumer Services



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