Special Beauty Note From the Editor

OK, here is what I have discovered.

This year is a four year in numerology for me. The last month of this year is a seven month for me. The way that you calculate this is you simply add the given numerology year to each month, to know your month. Once you know your month, you will know your personal day. For example, today is Sunday, September 23, 2018. By adding also the fact that this four year I am in, today is a nine-day for me because I add four to the number 23 for the universal day it is, I am on a nine-day.

If you want to keep hair on your head, any kind of hair, men and/or women, you must look at least a year ahead. Next year, in 2019, my year will be five. December of 2019 will be an eight-month for me. This means that if I want to keep the hair on my head to that point, this year in 2018, I must be strengthening my hair by washing on every single eight-day that I have personally. Preparing for next year.

Even if you have blonde or red hair, basically meaning light-coloured hair, this still works. If you are past the age of 18 years old and your hair is starting to darken, by washing your hair about every nine days, bringing you back to your most ideal washing time, not only would whatever colouring that you have added to your hair last longer, your natural hair colour will remain longer as well, because the act of washing will help to remove colour. If you do not want this to be done, then do not wash your hair as often.

The same is true for me considering having grey hair at my current age of 46 years old. I am noticing by not washing my hair as often, that my grey hair is taking much longer to come in. It is though, interestingly enough, coming in around my temples. Why? Well, I wash my face each and every single day and soap gets on my hair around my temples when I wash my face. I use Dr Bronner’s and it is one of the best. If you really want to do your best to avoid grey hairs from even being around your temples (I really do not worry about grey hair, just the strength of my hair), you should be wearing some kind of band around your temples when you wash your hair. The same goes for men and/or women. Why? Well, some people work in extremely high profile and visible to the public professions where they know and we all know these particular issues are important.

A note about Dr Bronner’s. If you have oily hair, use it without dillution. Dillution meaning, please do not add any water to it. Use it straight. This will help for it to thoroughly cleanse not only your hair, but your face, and your body and your feet and your hands. If you have dry skin on the spectrum, please dillute heavily with water Dr Bronner’s. This will help for it not to dry out your hair. If you hair is more in the middle, then you knwo to balance out the water content and so it goes depending on your skin and hair type.

As other beauty revelations come to me I will share them. By the way, it actually really is important to protect your skin from too much sun. I do not worry about this either because I most likely have a natural SPF of four, however, for those who are of lighter complexion, regardless of culture, please ensure that you wear sunblock and protect your skin with either sunblock, a hat, or an umbrella. Asian people that you see wearing their umbrellas in extreme sunlight really do need to do that, particularly if they are not sun signs in western astrology. For me, this is not as relevant because I have a natural SPF of at least four and I am also a fixed fire sign which means sunlight is my friend, not the opposite.

Please have a great day!