Get a Glimpse of the First Ever Self-Publishing Around The World Course at the University of Toronto

Moving still above is Dr. Merlin Charles

Watch Donna Kakonge’s past class in action above:

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I am an author, journalist, teacher, and lawyer who lives in Toronto, Canada. This picture is a selfie that was done on Saturday, February 24, 2018, nearing six years of my being dreadlocked.

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  1. The main compromises with the Chromebook are not specifically related to learning issues, but to some of the inherent features. The Chromebook weights about 3.05 pounds. Hardly back breaking, but more than the 1.5 pounds of the typical tablet. But for that extra weight, students get a full sized keyboard and an 11.6 inch screen. Battery power is also a concern, and the Chromebook is touted to have a battery life of about 3.5 hours. That is significantly less than found on tablets, which typically are about 8-9 hours. Plugging in can be a nuisance.
    Samsung’s New Laptop Is Really A Tablet
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    The downsides of the Surface are in the eye of the beholder. Battery life is stated to be somewhere about 4 hours, maybe less. This rivals laptops, not tablets. Tablets offer about 8-10 hours of battery life. Is this compromise a deal breaker in education? The Surface is a bit heavier than the usual tablet, but not more so than a laptop/netbook. It seems like the weight issue could be more of a red herring than a genuine limitation. Surely lighter is preferable, but realistically the device weight is far from burdensome.
    ASUS announced the Taichi hybrid earlier, but we’re seeing it for the first time here at CES. It’s a dual screen notebook. So you can use it as a notebook when open, a touch tablet when closed, or two people could use it at the same time when open, one on the notebook side and one on the tablet side – it would look a little like a game of battleship. I can’t completely imagine this being useful in the home setting, but I could absolutely see this being a tool in some retail or professional environments, for presentations or as a tutoring tool. Price TBD.

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