Ready to Cross? – Author Alex Ihama


What is your topmost goal in life?

If I must focus on one thing in life, many people worldwide have asked me, what should it be?

While I will be sharing my take on this critical life question during our free webinar on Sunday evening at 8 PM EST, I look at this from the perspective that those in palliative care claim to be their greatest regret?

Basically, what are the most critical goals we must achieve in 2019 to position ourselves and enterprise for massive success and supernatural breakthroughs.

This is why crossing over from one year to another is quite a privilege we must never take for granted, certainly an occasion which we must prepare for with ardor.

Inasmuch as it is a gift from God, for no one else can guarantee life other than our Creator, there are things we must put in place to be empowered for the New Year.

No matter who we are, who or what we know and how much or less we have, we can always improve on how we think, talk and act and everything else in life.

We can always dream bigger, expand our vision wider and become even wiser.

There is so much opportunity for us to be more, do more, have more and give more.

This is the objective of this FREE WEBINAR, why we have decided to offer you this gift of empowerment as our Christmas present, with no obligation whatsoever!!

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I will be sharing the seven most critical goals of fulfillment in life, as well as techniques and strategies to develop the mindset, skill set, and toolset to finish 2018 strong and start 2019 even stronger.

At the end of the FREE WEBINAR, you will be empowered with a roadmap for the fulfillment of your purpose and a massive success for the rest of your life!!

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Are there some goals you couldn’t achieve this year and hope to achieve next year?

Would you like to expand your personality, enterprise, and ministry next year?

How about to increase your profit and financial capacity exponentially?

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On your marks!! Get ready for greater heights!! Welcome to Greatness!!

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See you at the TOP!!
Alex Ihama
President, International School of Greatness ~

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If you only know the amount of potential within you, you will never question the magnitude of your dreams, the vastness of your vision and the intensity of your passion. You were created for me, to be, have, learn, do and give more. Our School of Greatness was formed to offer the coaching, training and mentoring you need.
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