Purchase Storyteller and Retired Teacher Phyllis Broom Walker’s Anansi and Rococo’s Children’s Book Today

Anansi and Rococo

Anansi and Rococo

Long before the comic book character Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider and gained his super powers to become Spider-Man, there was Anansi the “spider-god.” Stories about Anansi, the spider who can take the form of a man, were first told in Ghana by the Ashanti people. The stories about the sometimes mischievous “trickster” Anansi were handed down from generation to generation. Using his wit and cunning, Anansi overcomes great odds, often against creatures bigger than him; but in each Anansi story, there is a moral, a lesson to be learned. In Anansi and Rococo, Phyllis Walker continues the African and Caribbean tradition of telling Anansi stories. But rather than portraying Anansi as a “trickster”, Walker, a retired teacher who continues to live her passion by working with children, presents Anansi as much more.


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