Post Your Resume on My Online Magazine and Get it Edited by Me for Just $50.00 single permanent payment

From former Academic Advisor at the University of Toronto.

Prices subject to negotiation based on difficulty to pay in USD.

Here is my own resume:

Donna Kakonge’s Writing Service – Online Writing and Editing



You can also pay here: (Expenses are tax-deductible)



Year Subscription to Post Your Cover Letter and Resume on Donna Magazine

From former Academic Advisor at the best university in Canada. Price includes scheduled Skype calls and email responses. Get your resume noticed with 117,000 daily viewers of Donna Magazine! Expenses are tax deductible. No refunds.


Immediately after you pay in full, please send your resume and cover letter to the following email address so that I can edit it, get your approval and post it:

You can contact me here with any questions:

I look forward to working with you. Any language welcome! Multiple languages welcome, but you pay for each cover letter and resume package.

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