Ontario Receives Annual Report on French-Language Services

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Ontario Receives Annual Report on French-Language Services

June 5, 2013

Ontario Government Supports Francophone Communities

A report that will help Ontario build on its commitment to improving French-language services was received today from the province’s French Language Services Commissioner.Commissioner François Boileau congratulated the government on actions that have helped improve the delivery of French-language services in the past year, including:

  • Creating a strategy to increase the number of francophone immigrants to Ontario.
  • Promoting equal access to justice in French.
  • Funding for 13 new French-language school initiatives to better meet local needs.
  • Committing to provide better access to postsecondary French-language education.
  • Committing to enhance French-language services for regulatory bodies such as the College of Nurses of Ontario.
  • Recognizing diversity within the francophone community.


  • The Office of the French Language Services Commissioner was created in 2007. Its mandate includes monitoring the progress made by government ministries and agencies in the delivery of French-language services in Ontario.



“We are very proud to have established the Office of the French Language Services Commissioner. The government welcomes the Commissioner’s annual report and thanks him for his hard work and leadership. We will carefully consider the report’s recommendations in our ongoing efforts to enhance the overall delivery of French-language services.”
— Madeleine Meilleur, Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs


Thomas Chanzy
Minister’s Office

Charles Jean Sucsan
Communications Branch

Office of Francophone Affairs



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