Ontario Celebrates Seniors’ Month

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Ontario Celebrates Seniors’ Month

June 3, 2013

Ontario Government Giving Seniors the Support and Respect They Deserve

As Ontario marks the beginning of Seniors’ Month, the government is dedicated to ensuring men and women across the province are healthy, active and cared for at every age.

The 2013 Budget outlines new investments that are focused on providing more home care options to seniors that would help them stay at home longer and live healthier, independent lives. And to protect the province’s most vulnerable seniors, Ontario made automatic sprinklers mandatory in care homes, and launched a Wandering Prevention Program in partnership with the Alzheimer Society of Ontario.

The government has also released a new edition of the “Guide to Programs and Services for Seniors in Ontario,” which features up-to-date information on provincial and federal services available to seniors, in a smaller, easier to handle format.

The guide is now available in 16 languages – nine more than before – in recognition of Ontario’s diverse communities.

Ontario’s seniors’ guide provides practical information on issues that affect our quality of life as we age, including:

  • Health, wellness and active living
  • Safety, security, finances and transportation
  • Housing, long-term care homes and caregiving

The improved guide is part of Ontario’s Action Plan for Seniors – a strategy to help seniors and their families access quality services and supports for healthy and independent living.


  • This year will mark the 29th anniversary of Seniors’ Month in Ontario. The theme, “The Art of Living,” celebrates how seniors in Ontario have created their own unique approach to living.
  • Hundreds of events are hosted by organizations across the province. The events promote healthy living and raise awareness for community supports available to seniors.
  • As part of the Action Plan for Seniors, the 2013 Budget includes a plan to invest an additional $260 million this year in home and community care.
  • The government is currently implementing key recommendations from Dr. Samir Sinha’s report “Living Longer, Living Well,” to help seniors stay healthy and live at home longer.
  • The oldest age groups in Ontario are increasing in number faster than any others. For the first time in 2017, Ontario will be home to more people over 65 than children 14 and under.



“Our seniors deserve to be connected to their communities, cared for and respected in their everyday lives. I look forward to celebrating Seniors’ Month across Ontario and working hard to make sure the people of this province are thriving at every age.”
— Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario
“June is Seniors’ Month – the time to honour the knowledge, experience and contributions seniors make every day in communities across the province. I encourage Ontarians of all ages to participate in Seniors’ Month celebrations in their community and learn more about the benefits of living well at any age.”
— Mario Sergio, Minister Responsible for Seniors



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